Murder Gangster Rakoon

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An OLD SKOOL NEWGROUNDS ASSASSIN game!... that's why the graphics are all imported. And the graphics are meant to be this way to give it that old skool NG assassin feel.

Okay, here it is! I've been working my tail off and finally it's done. This is a first person shooter about a gangster kid named rakoon. Basically you have to try and kill the guy before he kills you. Don't under-estimate this rakoon. He has the ability to slap and throw stuff at you. So be on your guard!

HINT, to avoid the bitchslap...... shoot his hand!

ALSO, the game isn't that tough, you just need to keep playing to get better... just like every game. I don't want people saying, "it was too easy".


was a good game

WOOOOOP i beat it first time....but one more hit and i would of died
was a good game, was easy once u learnt how to stop all his attacks ( that zero bomb was annoying)

if u make another one..maybe make it longer by adding levels and add stuff like power up and first aid kits you can shoot
add this stuff and i might give u a 9 or if its really good a 10

but yea if u make another one ill deffo play it

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YoinK responds:

I could have easily placed health pick-ups.. but then the game would have been way too easy.

I don't get why people can't get past the zero bomb... I get by it no problem.


good game, by the way, were did you get that cool Newgrounds intro?

YoinK responds:

thanks, I got it from Tom Fulp

Too damn hard.

It's just a simple shooting game. Shoot the lone opponent (who sounds really annoying) a ridiculous amount of times. You must also shoot each of his attacks before they hit you.

The health difference between you is astounding. You have to hit him so many times, whereas he can kill you in just a few hits. On top of it, the fight has phases. Each time you deplete his enormous life bar, it just fills back up. But you aren't so lucky.

I only got to the second phase, and even that was an extreme barrage. I couldn't block the "zero bomb" at all.

Overall, it's just way too hard.

YoinK responds:

I had to make it like this, otherwise it would be "too easy". If you keep playing, i'm sure you'll know how to beat it. You have to shoot the zero bombs. The health difference is essential because I don't like people saying "it was too easy".

Twas good

This was good i guess
next time make it more graphical
ok peace it was fun too by the way

YoinK responds:

graphics are fine. It's a style to give it that old skool assassin feel.


Great game. Reminds me of some of the old assassin stuff on NG. But its way better. I was sooooo close to killing him on his big form. Then I died. I'm gonna have another go at it. Its addicting. Keep it up!

YoinK responds:

thanks, I was going for the old assassin feel.

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3.72 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2008
4:34 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person