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mario vs. bad guys

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this is one of my first non-collaborative projects, but personally it aint that great.

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Strange and cool!

That was a bit good

This worked on some levels mostly because of how good the graphics are. It seems like you were really trying to incorporate a lot of the spritework of various games on this. In case anyone's wondering, the 1up Mushroom is when Mario falls on Kamek. It wasn't even that good of an Easter Egg. I suggest that you work at putting more detail on the backgrounds. The best part was when Mario fought Yoshi.

I was seriously not expecting something that epic in this cartoon. I liked how there was also some drawn stuff like the sound effect words. You should have made it so that you could go back to where the Easter egg left off. It just shows that Mario cartoons will simply never get off this website! Congrats on the very high rating.


Agreed, this should be in the collection there is a lot of crap in the Mario collection that should be replaced by this

Oh my god!

More people should submit this to the Mario collections!
It's a perfect fit!


a peice of crap