Office Spider: Episode 5

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Watch as Pete flies to LA to audition for the role of his life... the spider in Lord of the Rings. Hilarity -and Death- ensues. Laugh or Die.

It would be in your best interest to watch the previous four episodes beforehand so that you receive the optimal amount of laughs. And I won't have to hear how this stuff doesn't make sense from the stupid people.

Thank you Newgrounds for being 30% awesome! Because the rest of you suck!

Special thanks to Tom Fulp.


No doubt.

Another hilarious series, I'll agree with Samuel. I even showed these to my dad, he loved it. Mostly because Pete seems to be the idol for ever man hating his own cubicle.

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this Sounds like me

Honestly I think this sounds like me If I were Pete first thing I would do after sucking out a Guys Brains would be to head to the nearest Gamer's Convention and..... yes I would most certainly Start a Riot if I found out it was only a demo. Humor was Great and the StoryLine thus far Awesome.

A+ Man keep em Commin.

(P.S.) I was wonder how long it would take till the guys Found that Intern? LOL!

(P.S.S.) I don't know if its been done or suggested yet (proubly has..) But Personally I think our Lord and Master Mr God Fulp should put an Office Spider Tab in the Series Section....But thats Just me.

pete deserves fame.

even though he did incite a riot and tore a taxi driver's eyes out, even a giant spider deserves a shot at the american dream.

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Lol funny

this gets a 10

I watched them in order so i wouldn't be going into this going "OMG THIS MAKES NO SENSE", the artwork is good but the humor is what makes this shine. Looking forward to episode 6 when you make it.

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Jun 19, 2008
1:21 AM EDT
Comedy - Original