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Just something I worked up today after seeing another drawing tutorial in the portal. Inspiration doesn't strike me very often so I figure I'd better act upon this urge to share what I know.

I hope this helps some people :], feel free to leave me any critique in the reviews. I may or may not show how to do other aspects of drawing.

oh, and if you don't like anime-ish stuff, not my problem, please don't try to punish me out of your personal bias :3.

**edit** Fixed the background so the text is easier to read.



NICE. I can't lie is the best girls drawing tutorial on NG

Pretty good.

Animation / Graphics - I can't really say anything about the animation since most tutorials don't include animation. I can say that the drawing and detail was very well done. There was much detail put into the drawing.

Story - You had a great explanation for every single step and every single page. You also had a great introduction. The button at the end which starts the flash over was a nice addition too simplify the flash instead of closing it out and starting over.

Audio - Sometimes audio can really help the rating of a flash. You could do a couple of things here. You could add a song or a menu where people can select different songs to their own liking or you could even add sound affects when you click on the next and back button.

Overall, a very good detailed drawing tutorial. Good job.

- GS -


Newgrounds Mafia.

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HeliosStar responds:

Thanks for your detailed and well thought out review, I tried finding some sort of script to initiate/stop music but I just couldn't. I'm a bad coder, haha.

That was good

For someone like me who can't draw, I hope this can help. Of course, regardless of skill, this shows just the basics to drawing a female, and skills can be built off basics

Pretty cool

I quite liked it :)

Good idea, bit problematic in execution

I think doing a series of drawing tutorials, especially for flash is a great idea. The problem here is that you may need to first of all, make the instructions a little more thorough, and second (sorry) tone down the background. You need more contrast or nobody will be able to read your tutorial.

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Jun 18, 2008
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