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Doctor Ku - the kitchen

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Hello! This is the second part of Doctor Ku. This time you are in the kitchen.


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wuda been good if it workd properly

thanks for the walkthrough... but this game pissed me right off... i did got the first meal out (before readin the walkthrough) and then tryd heatin up the cup and he jus shrugd his shoulders.... i then saw the walkthrough and tryd it, and he kept jus shruggin his shoulders... eventuli he heated it up and i cud carry on, but for that simple fact im givin this a very low score, sorry


I beat it here is the walk through
1. Take the cup on the far right.
2. Turn the right knob on the stove, steal the chili pepper, and use the cup on the sink. Your inventory should include the chili pepper, and a cup of water.
3. Turn off the radio, and put the chili pepper into the blender.
4. Turn the right knob again, and heat the cup of water on it.
5. Using the heated cup of water, click on the thermostat to your left, and peel off the min and max stickers. Switch them, then turn the knob to the new min.
6. Steal the key on chef's head.
7. Use the key on the locker to your left.
8. Take the left sock, the tube of paste, and the razor.
9. Turn the right knob on the stove again, and heat the tube of paste on it.
10. Using the blade, click on the plant to the far right to get a stick.
11. Use the sock on the stick, and take a lobster.
12. Put the lobster onto the plate, and the waiter will take it away.
13. Use the tube of paste onto the cake right away.
14. Escape the kitchen.

good look, confusing

i had no idea wtf to do in this game. i got so far as filling a cup with water, and after that, had no idea what to do.

I Finally Figured It Out!!!

Pretty good game...without instructions! I absolutely loved the graphics and animation, but the radio was really annoying. I'm glad that the glitch that Wheelnut mentioned was there.

The downside to a game like this was the complete lack of instructions, leaving the player to figure out the "goal" of this game and the controls, which is frustrating to solve. The humor is pretty nice, but I'd prefer variety...It's still a pretty nice game, though!

Gamers, this flash game is a "point-and-click" type of game that wants you to try and escape the kitchen. Pay attention to what food the waiter wants the chef to serve, because you have to "sabotage" the meal in order to escape!

A bit too easy and formula driven

COngratulations you have escaped the kitchen but met the big man by the door....

Hmmm, anyway. Interesting game. A tiny bit too repetitive (Click and click some more). Some things required some intuition, (EG the hot water on the thermostat) but some of it was a bit hit and miss.

Anyway, good graphics, short at about 5 minutes and no instructions or intro or anything. Doesn't feel finished :(

Anyway, keep up the work.