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Cover Based 3PS Engine

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***READ THE CONTROLS BELOW, THE CONTROLS IN THE PRELOADER ARE INCORRECT (how the hell did I miss this on my last export at school???***

I started this engine soon after finishing up the MindShock Fighting Engine, but like that I could only work on it at school since I don't have CS3 at home.

Here's what I got done until school ended.
The engine has the movement done for this point, movement between cover done, visuals for taking and leaving cover done, the gun mechanics and recoil, background distance illusion, among other things.

The graphics are basic, I was hoping to be able to draw them up at home but I have MX 2004...really need to go about getting CS3...

anyways, the project file for this is up for grabs if you want to create something from it, drop me a pm for it. There is no AI coded already, unlike MindShock, I didn't have enough time before school ended, identifying what is and what isn't cover is a pain in the ass for AI...

Enjoy it, I guess, it's as raw as it gets but like I said, pm me for a copy, it has ALOT of potential.

This works on the AWSD control scheme
A and D to move left and right
S to duck down behind cover, check the effect on the background. NOTE: Blindfiring kills accuracy
W to leave cover, your accuracy will recover fastest standing
click to fire, click and hold to reload, don't release until you fire again

Music: Calyx - Cyclone

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Nice little engine build, But would be cooler if you could move forward, I have seen a few flash games like this S.W.A.T For one. or sift heads assualt. But if you could move forward DAMN IT WOULD BE TEH BEST


This is the best flash engine I have played yet!
And I also agree with the "R" to reload.
There is nothing to shoot at, so I pretended something was there.
Which was the worst idea I ever had.

Nice engine but..

Ok, this is actually a pretty nice engine. But this isn't a game.. at all. Release this as an alpha or something but don't actually post it. X.X . Really great engine though, would love to see a game made with it.

TheComet responds:

I posted it half because I just can't work on it here at home anymore, and I just graduated, and also because I made the engine for distribution, if anyone wants to use it, they just need to give me a pm and I send it their way :)

Great Potential

Obvisouly this is just a "Tech Demo" if you will- Voting high on the effort and hopefully to give you some ambition- I realize that most of the art is placeholder- Look forward to the final product- Polish this and press it up =- I also agree with "R" bieng reload as well.


Improve Graphics
Make the reload button R
Give us something to shoot at
Profit for you
Fun for us

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4.02 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2008
4:05 PM EDT