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EDIT- Woo! Daily first and frontpage, thank you everyone! For more info/thoughts on this go check out the new blog entry.

This is a commissioned piece I did for a band called Monarch. This is also from early 2008, which was my 'corporate whore-out' phase, in which I did a couple of commission pieces for music that... er... I like less and less as time goes on. The views expressed by the music don't reflect those of the animator, who was just trying to do something visually interesting and earn some money/exposure.

A big thanks to Tom and NewGrounds for hosting this! (Sorry to everyone else about the huge file size)

Stay tuned in a couple of months for the next installment of SuperVillain!

2008, Grey Gerling.

http://www.myspace.com/br ennanstrawn
http://www.barfquestion.c om

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Don't conform to a society that doesn't accept you, be who you are.

alright. let me get this straight, this is an animation about fear of not fitting in, about being odd, and recruitment. the guy lives off eggs, bacon, and apple juice, wears a mask so as not to be thought of as different. these odd monsters come looking fo deviations, but not to punish, but to accept them into a society of creatures that go out and find others like them, people with faces.

Very sad.

I first found this when I was manually going through your videos. (There's gotta be a better way!)

I didn't register the great significance. Recently I've had a burning urge to rediscover a piece of ambient music which was accompanied by Question of Puke which was vaguely printed in my mind. So I watched it when I saw it on your website.

Satisfied. It stretches my mind to imagine the process of tediously hand-drawing everything here, and then ANIMATING it. That came to me in the room with the tentacles. Then it occurred to me that, aside from the squirming walls (that should be solid) this is the most visually pleasing type of animation.

You know, after all your happy and mischief based shows, you'd come to expect something like this to not show up. It really broadens my view of you.

The ending baffled me. But it was pretty interesting to see another man in a mask.

I realize this is an official music video. I'd love to see this on TV, much better than the usual crap!


Animation was fantastic as always. Not my favorite piece of your work, I like the more upbeat style. Either way it's still great to watch and very enjoyable.


i'm not going to bother talking about the animation because it was just that good.

What i think the animator was trying to do (somebody correct me if i'm wrong) was to say that people who do not conform are seen as monsters in society but they're actually harmless and there's no point in hiding it if you're different. However, the main character is, at first, reluctant to do this because he is afraid of being ostracized. I didn't see this as "emo" either because it ends on a happy note. Anyway, it's a good cartoon so i recommend it.