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HALO short : At the pool

rated 2.91 / 5 stars
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Jun 15, 2008 | 6:47 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Note: this was origionaly going to be part of a collection which didnt get used, so i thort i would submit it anyway and im classsing this as my 4th Halo short featuring Red and Green due to reasons unknown and 3 being a lost episode to come l8er... make sence ? me nether

so here we have Red and Green going to the pool, why well Green (the crazy killer) wants to get Red ( a typical main character failure at life) a girlfiriend but there is some compliacations and such.

Edit: we need voice actors in the stuido or just to do odd projects like this so anyone who thinks they can voice one of the characters send me your voice clip to m

note the halo sprites are a customed version of some old megaman sprites and these paticaular edits are our stuios own copys so we will not give them to anyone (unless your a hot chick) so dont go begging for them. the bodys are done by me and the customed heads are done by a friend and fellow studio member David pilgrim.

Enjoy and sorry its not longer x



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very nice

dont wory about what awsomesam34 said the hyabusa armour looked very good!but the only thing is...i wear hyabusa armour>still its a great movie and its going into my favs :)

fish-orb responds:

lol thanks it was a view of me and Dave back in the day i used to play halo 3, every time we found someone in hyabusa armour they where 100% retards and usually cost us the game. but thanks.

*This is another example of a reiwer who likes my movie better than me*


Rated 5 / 5 stars

10 stars!


fish-orb responds:

wow thanks


Rated 0 / 5 stars

this is shit

this sucks,the plot was short the hayabusa armor drawing is total Shit,Hayabusa totaly rules. . . . . . . . .basicaly you'd see me thrw this in the trash so many times cause it sucks soooo bad

fish-orb responds:

haha, ok where to start with this review... hmmm

Firstly ill ignore your spelling and take it as a given at the level of intelligence shown. Firstly I profess no claim to greatness I have my fan that seems to like it better than I do. (Starwarsisneat =P) I did this in hmm lets say 4 hours give or take. It was meant to be part of a co-lab so stories line and quality wasn't a big issue.

Secondly "Hayabusa totaly rules" (there's two t's in totally) well I would usually go on a rant at this point about how a futuristic super soldier wearing ninja looking armour isn't cool. Your obviously a 11-14 year old kid, probably fat probably American. (Nothing against USA just profiling here) but ninja assassins are cool. Spartans are cool. Mixture of both is like putting ice cream on my hotdog. And also looking at your profile you haven't made flash so you wouldn't appreciate the pain of animation. But over all yes it does suck I don't care if it sucks but if your life revolves around muching down chips while writing truly pathetic reviews then I actually pity you... By the way was your review actually only bad because I made a comment about your armour on halo 3? Wow that's sad

With love Sam Fisher x


Rated 5 / 5 stars


do you have halo 3 because i do now :D so this is sweet

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fish-orb responds:

yes i have halo 3 good buddy sorry about the slight ( atleat 1 year wait for the next movie it is in the pipeline, its just a very long pipe you see ... ) glad your still around and like my stuff


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

pretty good

i liked it. pretty funny

fish-orb responds:

well im very glad you liked it