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Ok i have done my best, on some levels you might think: what the hell i didn't touch the damn thing it's
beacuse the movieclip aint that sensitive if someone knows how to make it more sensitive please let me know. Also tell me if you know how to shorten the file size, thanks!

leave a review i want to get better :)
and right click forward after it only says theAvoider and not loading the avoider, thats some bug to i guess :/


Nice music

This was a fun game, i especially like the added music it really set the tone of the game, you may want to add some backrounds or improved ones, but other then that it was ok, so nice job.

Add some improved backrounds with abit detail and effects aswell

Fun game very fast



Completely and uterly pointless, but it took five minutes out of my life and i got enjoyment out of it, and that is what games are for.

Ok I guess

Pretty good, could use a background, and lock the ceiling so that the player can't go too far upwards...

Maybe a change in music would be good too. Doesn't seem to fit. And to make it more interesting, instead of always bombs, make them various icons or take a flash file icon (like swf file icon or just the flash icon) and use them instead of bombs. That would be sweet.

Certainly not bad

...and not just because it has my music in it. lol <-- Although I will admit turning down the volume a little might have helped.

Not bad though. Decent. I like the general premise, and I definitely think it could go somewhere. But I agree with the public so far: it needs a bit more challenge (perhaps bombs that move faster/in more directions), some background and a little more variety.

Cheers to ya!


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pir85 responds:

Thank you for the review, and for the music at least i think it fits the game, but almost everyone has complained about that, i don't understand them??


its a good game, but if you go outside the screen, you won't get hit... do something against that pls. it messes up the game... the rest of the game is quite good

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2.19 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2008
3:44 AM EDT
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