Things Fall Apart

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EDIT: Please review! I swear I love them more than anything else!!! XD

Alright, so I made this movie for an English project the night before it was due... XD

I basically worked on this, went to the midnight release for MGS4, came home, finished it and then went to sleep... Probably took me somewhere around 8 hours or so.

Anyways, basically the project was to make an interpretation of the line of poetry "Things fall apart, the center cannot hold" and then create an activity or something to go along with it.

Naturally, I resorted to flash to create my interpretation, and this is it...

Please enjoy and leave reviews if you like, I love reading your thoughts!!! ^_^

Music Credit goes to the Devil May Cry (Anime) OST: LAST RAG


this be like beastin

i am actually reading the book "things fall apart". it sux. epically. but this is awesome. epically. Epically awesome.


It's a good flash and young children could learn the concept of chain reaction and such.If your smart i would turn it into a child's book.10/10 5/5!

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Me likey :D
Tis good and I liked the guys face and the drawing style. Only things to improve on could be walking animation (instead of just moving sideways) and blur for the camera movement instead of just lines.

But otherwise BRILL


i liked it but it has nothing to do with MGS4

Chrome-Demon responds:

Hmmm, well that would matter to me if you actually paid attention to my Author Comments.

I said I made this on the night MGS4 came out, and I know it has absolutely nothing to do with Metal Gear Solid 4.

So hush child >:(

haha, cute!

great job man. this made my day. thanks for making something that makes the viewer feel better. i faved your work. that means i'm expecting more great stuff!

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Chrome-Demon responds:

Thanks ^_^

Glad to know you think it's cute, and thanks for the fav!

More things are coming from me in a few months, so watch out!

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4.30 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2008
6:31 PM EDT
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