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Sex And The City Shopping

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Author Comments

Whether you enjoy this game or not may well come down to your gender. Yes, it's the Carrie Bradshaw shopping game, complete with movie soundtrack and rabid shoe-chasing. The aim is to catch as many items of shopping as possible whilst avoiding the dreaded "sensible shoes"!...

Mouse control - just move left to right to position Carrie under the falling shopping items.

This is pure twitch gaming, kind of like a classic scrolling shoot 'em up but without the weapons. It's meant to be 30 second, throwaway fun and, y'know, I'm guessing a lot of you guys aren't into Sex and The City so please be gentle!


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It was to easy, maybe if you lost some of the items, it was to easy.


This is ok and somewhat fun. But if you wanted to improve maybe you could add power ups, lives, and more items that make you fail. Still a decent game though.