Xiao Xiao No. 8

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Part of an ongoing Xiao Xiao saga!


extrodinatly slow plotline. The start of your series was action packed and very creative. So action packed it nearly released adrenaline just watching it. You are moving far off in the wrong directing introducing fire arms, vehicles, and very long action-less chases with very slow plots. I do not care what happens to the main character at this point, I would actually be happy if you never wrapped things up and just started a new plot all together as long as its nothing like this one. Needless to say this animation shows 0 creativity. Any one could have came up with a plot as lousy as this. There's just some general gun fire and a car chase. This falls far in comparison to your more simple animations.

Perhaps what made your previous episodes great (with the exception of number 7 which was also lacking creativity) is the lack of a plot all together. Before it was just very well organized madness, which I loved.

Don't submit movies that aren't yours.

I'm not going to review the movie, because it, like all the other XIAOXIAO movies, appear to be in violation of the terms of NG.

Before you submit movies, you read this:
"BEFORE YOU SUBMIT! If your movie violates any of these simple rules,
it will be removed and your Grounds Gold account may be deleted:
Your movie can't be someone else's work!"

Obviously, you and others chose to ignore this rule before submitting these movies. If Zhu does not speak english or does not visit this site, then fine, but don't submit his work to the portal. If I were tom or wade, I'd delete all of the ZIAO XIAO entries, as the author didn't willingly choose to put them on the site.

I see the problem...

In the first review... babagunesh said, "people always complain when other people submit these movies but if it gets switched over to zhu then i don't really see the problem."
The problem is Zhu didn't start that account.
Zhu doesn't even know Newgrounds exists.
There is advertising on Newgrounds.
Therefore, someone other than Zhu is profiting from Xiao Xiao without Zhu's consent.
Is that right?
Don't you see?
If you truly love Xiao Xiao, you should give it low scores and get it off Newgrounds.

Zhu responds:

Jesus, man... what's the fucken problem with you guys?

It's easier than you think it is.
Just answer this question for urself when you've watched a movie:

- Is the movie good? (yes/no)

If the movie is good then give it high votes/marks.
If the movie is bad than give it low votes/marks.

I'm not trying to profit from XiaoXiao, trust me... and I just know that Zhu wants his movies to be published.

Why read Submission Guidelines?

As I have said before:
I do not dislike this series, but it is very overrated. Not to mention the choreography is no anything you will see in a Jackie Chanquestions in regards or Jet Li movie. For people like Bartkei who think "how will the NG people know about Xaio-Xaio if it isn't posted here without the consent of the author?" The answer-through those annoying ass email forwards that we all get or by emailing Tom/Wade and asking them to post a link. NG is for anyone to be able to submit their own flash work. I don't come here to see the best flash work on Earth. I come here to see what amateurs and future professionals can create. Go to ifilm or atomfilms if you are looking for topnotch work. Don't submit other people's work here under the bullshit pretense that you are doing a public service.

fourchinnigan is right.......

You shouldn't post other people's work. And don't give me that "I want this transferred to Zhu" or "This is not my work. I just want everyone to see it" bullshit!!!! Again, I didn't say Xiao Xiao sucks. It's actually not bad and better than those retarded rainbow faced stick movies. Anyway, I hope you're fucking happy for getting Number 1 of the day for doing jackshit!!!! While others who wanted to be No. 1 of the Day worked their asses off for nothing.

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4.11 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2002
6:08 AM EST
  • Daily Feature February 17, 2002