-The Journey-

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This is a tricky point and click puzzle game - please be patient, as it might take you a while to figure it out. ***** If you get stuck and can't figure it out, then have a look at the walkthrough here: www.freeworldgroup.com/th ejourneywalkthrough.htm ****

You've just escaped from a MENTAL hospital with two of your buddies. After getting out of the hospital you were separated from your friends and lost in the city.

You really want to get to your home in the country, but Mental workers and police are looking for you. Your objective is to get out of the city without being caught.

You'll need to click on everything and figure out the puzzles. Remember - timing your clicks is very important in some instances.

Hint - when you see Spider Man - click on him or an area you want him to take you BEFORE he passes by you.


Long awaited

The first is the best of the serries. Would have been interesting to continue on with some of the ideas of the original.

Not really a rip-off...

Saying that this is a rip-off of Hapland would be half-cocked in my opinion. There are many games like these, and I would be as bold to say that The Lost Vikings predates Hapland in this real-time/adventure "genre". That being said, this was a solid game. It had clever solutions and was nicely animated. I felt the music, however, did not fit this game and it was repetitive. This game is fun, quirky and colorful; an electronic, fast-paced song misses the target in my opinion.

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This was totally unoriginal, its just a huge rip off of HapLand, only thing you did was write a little story about what your guy was trying to do. Totally UNORIGINAL stop stealing other peoples ideas. 3/10 1/5

was good but played it pointlessly for ages....

thought the game was good, but should let you know when you done something wrong.. i clicked the electric box before i got the can, so was stuck for ages and had 2 read the walkthrough, you obv need to light the can with the electric box, if i hadt av read the walkthrough i woulda been there 4 ages, and i cudnt av done anything as the box was already burnt out. good game idea though

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it's ok

i'm not a big fan of point and click, but the story was ok, and the fact that you could kill spiderman multiple times was funny, but i didn't have the patience to finish.
i'm not going to give a low score just because it's not my kind of game, so
altogether i think it definitely deserves and 8 if not more.

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3.08 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2008
3:36 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click