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Edit: Stafox 1.5! Wow this is soooo much better than it was before I changed a lot I even threw in a bonus level type thing. It runs much more smoothly thank to me killing the background and making it bland. 2nd boss looks dumb but will kill you if your not quick. Spinning glitch fixed. I had some better music but it was big enough as it is :/ Laser glitch fixed, level 1 is short while level 2 is a fourth longer, power ups are given at the end of the first level based on score. Oh and foxs ship looks much better too cause I did some of the ships in 3-D (just 2 i was cut short.) Ha its harder to so deal with it you have 4 regular weapons and 3 big ones so you should'nt be dying. Oh and if you hit F before wolf shakes your ship your hp will drain to one for some odd reason dont worry if you do it as soon as youll have plenty of health to take him out.

Edit: This is in 2-D perspective not 3-D! The fight with wolf is the only time your in the ship!

Make sure you read the instructions first before you start! In this game you control Fox's Arwing to destroy the enemies. Power-ups will be given after you beat the game, the higher your score the more you get and the easier it is to get more points. You start off by having your main gun, charge shot and bomb(which has a capacity of 1), and your barrel roll which is controled by a blue bar and can deflect incoming attacks. (barrel roll spin is used as a barrier more than a reflector so use it as such 2nd boss requires it) My high score is ? do you think you can beat that? I'm sure you can if you try hard enough. I change the game so I havent recorded mine yet :/

I do not claim Starfox or any of the characters and such because they are copywrited by Nintendo. Please come out with a Starfox game for the Wii.

Agian all buttons that are used. Up, Down, Left, Right, for movement and Space, S,D, abd F for weapons. Any questions or concerns you may have about this game just reply or PM me. 90% of the Actionscript was done by me the other 10% was a simple tutorial. Finally, graduation time is here. I had fun making this game and I hope you enjoyed playing it if you would like me to add somthing cool like a weapon or somthing I can do that. It origionally had a platforming level but I couldn't figure out what to put in it. Lol its in there now but only as a joke. If you liked this then check out my other game called Tails Adventure ^.^ Well I think that covers everything so enjoy!

(SSBB is the best)

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Lol! What's with the credits button?


Holding the 'F' key after he gets behind you works and keeps your health the way it was, also can't wait for another if it comes!

I love Star Fox! Like I love God!

Main I wish they made more Star Fox games than Mario and Sonic! Than Fox will Truly get the respect that he deserve! Those that agree said Yes like captain.falcon! Keep up the good work with these Star Fox Flash Games!


whats with the last one?I KEEP DIEING....sorry im on the last one as i write this reveiw....i keep pressing f and i end up with 1 percent health......when i do it the second time i mean

evil-knuckles responds:

I dont know its not my coding i dont know whats wrong. For some reason it will do that if you have the button held before you actually get hit and the condition changes. I blame it on having to do this on an old version of flash the program does wack things sometimes.

love its

love the credits

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3.97 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2008
7:25 PM EDT
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