SSBM: Pro Tactics 3

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In this episode, a pro takes on a noob. But which is which? See if you can tell as a Link fights a Jigglypuff in one epic clash!


Jigglypuff is the noob

he just keep doing rollout and dodging but throw boomneangs and bombs and catz is very difficult(imagine link throwing catz at his face!lulz pikachu will be scared)

Oh and you didinĀ“t use Sonic and you promised...

DrFishSticks responds:

late reply soz. yeah man, still no flash on my comp. partly lazyness, partly computer being shit. ain't submitted anything in a looong time.
basically I'm being all srs bsnss about animating now and considering making flash and similar programs a career. I'm not gonna forget about ng though. so I will be back. I'm still a smash addict so when I return you can expect more of the same kind of joke smash flashes.

As bad as the others

Are you copying and pasting your work over and over again? Does that make you feel like you're great at making videos? I hope you never make a video like this for SSBB and if you do, I'm certainly not watching it. It isn't noob to use Link's long range to your advantage. Damage the enemy until they get close and then meet them in close combat. And Jiggly is one of if not the hardest character to use properly but can be great if done properly. I'll say what I said in the other videos. I hope you are better at melee than you are at making videos. Sorry to be so blunt but this has got to be some of the worst stuff I've seen on Newgrounds.

DrFishSticks responds:

you must be a detective genius. no shit it's copy and paste, I would've thought that much was obvious since I submitted this one what, a day or two after the others?
this was a LOOONG time ago but I think I was saying Link was the pro player lol. Needless to say I wasn't being serious about this vid at the time. and I'm better at melee now than I was back then. so yeaaah....
anyhow, unless it's not painfully obvious, this was a joke video. so I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I hoped :)


the best weapon in links pants.

I could watch these forever. they are way to relivent.

y u always gotta say that pico be the noob?

pico doesnt have anyhting to do with ssbm (:(

DrFishSticks responds:

Oh shit, the noob does look like pico! Accidental. I was basing him on a kid I know.

link did throw a cat right?

i agree with darkblue6676. why don't people like this. anyway, my guess is that jigglypuff is noob because she's only doing rollout and link is throwing stuff around.

DrFishSticks responds:

you got it :D it takes SKILL to throw shit at random. I beat a very decent fox multiple times doing that with link. LOW TIER CHARS FTW! (I say while maining marth.)

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Jun 12, 2008
4:04 PM EDT
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