Advance Wars : Dual Flash

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Been away from Flash for a while and decided I'd make one based on another of my favourite games. It's not resident evil but then again I only spent a week on this one. Hope you enjoy and find the easter eggs (the most obvious of which is in the scene selection page). Have fun!!

Unfortunately I didn't exactly polish this one up but if anyone notices I'll probably iron it out :)

Edit. And the sprites from "Advance Wars vs. Metal Slug" are from http://www.metalslugsprit es.net, that mini-movie being based on "Advance Wars vs Machine" by BenSpyda (should be in credits).


i am gonna vomit

aahh lmfao

besides the fact that its AW, it would of been just as funny either way x3 but lmfao, i loved it, maybe thats cuz i love AW, but lmfao i loved it xD and the easter egg was just as hilarious, but i feel sort of sad cuz im sort of lost now about day of ruin...and i really wanna get it...well thats something i can look forward to :3 lmfao great flash man x3


The intro...that was...ugh my eyeballs need to be washed.

Yeah, about the intro....

It was completely unnecessary, and just plain stupid you should take it out. And maybe shorten it.

Lil-leddy responds:

Shortening is a good idea, as for the intro it's one of the least violent scenes from the movie "Teeth" and I couldn't be arsed doing a fancy logo instead. I can't see what the fuss is about but it must be doing the trick :)

It was nice

Not exactly fun or anything and the intro put me off so much...all in all not a bad sprite submission...

Lil-leddy responds:

Thanks, if I make any more I'm sure this has been invaluable for the future. Unfortunately I'm knee deep into MGS4 so I'm not sure when that future is...

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Jun 11, 2008
6:26 PM EDT
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