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Mouse Avoider: Hype

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Author Comments

A really souped up and unique mouse avoider, with missile launchers, guns, electrical fences, and more! Go through over 25 levels of bullet dodging, hammer dodging, brain confuzzling fun. Please take into consideration this is my first submission to Newgrounds, and I have made it in six days (It was intended to be done in a week). I wanted to prove to myself I can finish a Flash game, and finish it quickly... I was considering to make anti-cheating features but decided not to, as I figured if a person wishes to cheat, that would probably be how they enjoy this game. Thanks to Pandora-Tranquil, I used his "Industry Loop" as a soundtrack in the game. Expect a space-themed game coming up sometime soon, and maybe, but not guarenteed, more levels to this. And finally, H.A.G.S!

UPDATE: Alright, pretty cool, an update the same day I released the game. Anyways, I fixed the bug about pressing next level at the death screen. I also made a tweak to all turrets that makes the speed the turn at a lot slower. Enjoy!



you made a cheat. YOU MADE A CHEAT. why did you do that? right click-skip level

Well done

Nice graphics, decent coding, not very challenging but that depends on who is playing. The only problem is you can just move your mouse quickly to go through walls (I actually didnt know that till I read it in a review lol) but I liked the graphics a lot, and I think you did pretty well.

Make the missiles shoot faster :-P

good game but

its way too easy to cheat come on the cheat is the most common one there is i'd figure every mouse avoider game would have tooken care of the cheat by now

Moo12321 responds:

I only made the game in about a week and cheating doesn't affect normal gameplay. I'll fix it since so many people have commented about it anyways though.

the game is fun

but the bug really does exist.. if you swiftly move your mous.. the pointer doesn't actually slide.. it jumps.. and ignoring any walls or other obstacles..

plus it also seems to slow down for some reason.. i barely made it out of the maze when it stoped moving and i got shot down by that turret. More than once.

looks good so far.. the graphics could use some tuning, but that's just me..

Moo12321 responds:

Yes I am aware of the bug, I don't think it really affects normal gameplay, but I guess with enough people telling me about it I'm probably gonna try and fix it. Graphics do need tuning I agree, they are very corny and the reflections don't match.

There's a bug on fifth level...

The fifth level, the one with the words "Patience this one takes more time..." or similar, is impossible to pass, the space between the tiles is more little than the cursor. This happen only on my pc? I' don't know if it's the game or some impostation on my pc.

Why all this kind of game, the maze escape or similar, have always the same problem about the right-click cheat??? That make the game without challenge and therefore boring.

Goog game. Not very original, but the level design is pretty good, the grphic too and the music great.

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Moo12321 responds:

I have tested all the levels and could beat them all but the last two and know they are possible. If you play around with the mouse a bit, you would find out that only the tip of it is tracked. Same goes for this mouse avoider game.

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Credits & Info

3.92 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2008
8:00 PM EDT
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