Swinging Ball (G5G)

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Thanks for the front Page!

Glad everyone is enjoying the game.

Use the arrow keys left and right, or A and D to roll your ball.
Use the mouse to aim and shoot your rope.
Hold the mouse button down to hold on, and let go to let yourself fly!
Roll, swing and hurl yourself to the yellow exit avoiding the Red traps.
If your time runs out on a level you can press ESC and skip it.

Good luck.



It takes a long time for this to get boring. The vast amount of levels is great. The only thing I'd say that's lacking is the graphics, otherwise a top game.

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cool game

cool game and all but i couldnt beat the toutorial...

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nice game

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cool game

funny idea

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very nice

Great game, and great physics. The rope elasticity was perfect, and it felt right when it swung. Only thing I have a problem about is the ball's utter lack of traction on the ground. That seemed very unrealistic. I mean, it shouldn't climb up walls or anything, but at least make it roll like a ball. By far the nicest touch is that if you stay still on a rotating object, the ball will rotate with the traction of the moving object underneath it. The machine finally got me too frustrated to keep hacking at it, heh.

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3.89 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2008
12:43 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other