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Author Comments

This took alot of work. The music is public domain and was used in "Night of the Living Dead", most sound effects were by myself but a handful are from www.flashkits.com. Enjoy!



that is really good stuff. I like the style and the animation. The suspense music made it all the better.

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cyber-turnip responds:


Stable Time Loop.

Albert Einstein would be proud.

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The never ending story. :3

Good animation, nice FBF skills and funny concept. I liked the robot even if it looks basic and I liked how you made this movie in a never ending story. :3 I guess you did it with AS. (;

Anyway, good job, you're a nice animator.

Keep it up! :D


PS: the dog who ate the other dog was funny ^_^

well nice way to end

The end is well made cause there is no real ending, so mysterious ey :P
Good graphics and the music fitted well by this cartoon ;-)

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That was certainly interesting, and even though it was a loop (ME HATE LOOPS!) you found a clever and cool way in actually incorperating the fact that it loops into the storyline which beleave it or not will raise YES RAISE your score.
I do have a couple of questions as far as storyline mainly involving the sceen with the dogs cuz i'm a plothole detector.
He's a robot, how does it even fear anything to begin with?
He's made of metal, the dogs would only break their teeth on him anyways so WOULD he be afraid?
And if he had that helecopter thing from the start, why didn't he just use that to bypass the dogs and get the wire in the first place?
And was it really nessesary he have THAT particular wire? Why? because it is green? All a wire is, is a copper string wrapped in plastic so what makes a differance?
Despite all my questions i do like it as it had its own sence of style and art and had an interesting if not controversial plotline.

cyber-turnip responds:

Thanks for the comments, glad you liked it! To answer your questions

1.It wasn't fear so much as not wanting to get damaged.
2.The dogs' teeth had been replaced with dolomite by the junkyard owner and had the ability to upload computer viruses into electronic machinery.
3.He didn't know that antenna had an in-built helichopter, it just kicked in in his time of need. I know he built himself, but he just found the antenna and though ooh that'll do.
4.That particular wire also contained certain fuses and resistors and things to regulate the voltages travelling through it.

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Credits & Info

3.63 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2008
12:09 PM EDT
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