Chicken n' Chocolate

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Helios and I worked this out as our first game together, just a short and simple quicky. be sure to read the instructions before playing!
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Art: HeliosStar
Coding: KyleDaFox




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Im writing another review cause I was being an asshole the last time D=. The music really adds to the overall theme of the game, and the graphics are very nicely done. I found that some metors do stop above your head and just wait. And if you start the game from the instructions screen both music loops are playing. A bit confusing as to what the other things do, but overall a nice game

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It was passable but what really let it down was the spastic rate of action, tweak the bombs to be smaller, make the pan a little slower and give the jump more airtime, and it would probably be a whole lot better to play.

The Hell?

Man, I stopped playing Monster's Den: Book of Dreds just to do this janky thing with my chicken? I didn't even notice any effect from grabbing the chocolate. But it was funny and it sounded good like most other people said. But I like the oldschool tradition of things, especially animals, blowing up with blood and shit, and at least some reference to something retarded being fucked-up. ANyways, 5/5 & 4/10

Choco-Chicken Supreme :)

The music was great, the graphics are cutesy yet effective, and is that Chick from Peep?

I have to admit the game sounded bizarre but it's actually very addictive.

Btw there's a bug where a meteor will stop and decide to turn into a aerial land-mine and sit above the path and wait for you to try to find out whether it still blows up if you headbutt it or not lol :P

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3.54 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2008
5:54 PM EDT
Skill - Other