DD&BT : The Super Show

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--Sprite flash, please only watch if you actually like Sprite flash's or Double dragon--

(made this a long time ago, i dont actually like tweening sprites anymore, dont ask me why, i just dont know why, it gets boring after 1.5 years....anyway i tried to finish it somehow....and here it is)

Yoooooo, watsup NG'ers.....its been a while....
i'm sorry i had to make all these people wait,
and i kept saying i'm making this flash this and that
and i'm still late as f*ck. sorry guys, i hope everyone will enjoy this.

this flash includes ultimate randomness , sprites , violence and 1 penis joke
(but its not actually a penis... they are 6 pixels or something) if you dont like any
of those things that are included, please dont watch nor vote, or watch and you might even like it....dunno.

also, the menu and credits are REALY LOOKING LIKE SHIT.....so dont tell me it looks like shit
i Freaking know that. i had to make it fast, or it would take me another 2 years before i opend this FLA.

aaaand. i didnt add scene select , or else the sound would have been crazy of sync
cause i had to add a sound 4 frames from the actuall frame..it was anoying as hell.

-Rebaz Talei


lol pretty funny

well done dude, it was pretty funny but kinda hard to understand..random though, so that's what made up for it. the battletoads thing was a cool addition too.

make moar :o

<3 :D

rebaz responds:


thats so crasy but funny^^


Nicely done. I love watching 8-bit stuff, so I enjoyed it. The fighting style, you need to try some SFDT - make some submissions using that, and you are going to be golden.

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Very Crazy

Great video, very crazy, smother animation but I think so only peoples that tanned these games like it.


that was funny as hell, but the real bts were not named bimmy and linny

rebaz responds:

.....dude xD...are you serious? i knew they werent called like that
it was rash pimple and zitz. lol. this whole shit is random, you diasgtpkl\dgh

i dont wanna talk about it lol, xD

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4.15 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2008
1:14 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody