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Hi! This is my first Flash animation. It is more or less an observation of my own cat :) He is extremely creative when it comes to getting what he wants... Most often that comprises of food :) Enjoy!!!


Good one ^^

I rly liked the humour and music of this one, was well fitting. Animation was simple, but did its job perfectly.

BTW: all you guys who are tired of looking at that those stupid accusations, just press the little yellow X at review vote... then it will be deleted by admin and they are warned to keep their opinion for themselves... Zaxian, cut the crap... you are reported too.


Might I point out that the server on which the website is hosted is called rachko? Could it be possible that this is indeed the submitter's own work and is actually the first flash they made - they merely have take some time to submit it? Although admittedly its particularly good for a first flash movie. Anyway, since the website doesn't seem to be working and there's not so much else one can do to verify its authenticity, I'll review the flash for what it is and rely on the mods to sort it out if it is indeed stolen.

Nice animation and drawing, I would say some of the sound effects detracted somewhat from the piece - next to the piano background they sounded cheesy. Also, the mood seemed to switch about half way through from an artistic sortof piece to a cartoon; I think a more lively piece of music would introduce the cartoon style from the beginning.
But overall a nicely presented flash - the story and character of the cat came across very well and the drawing was to be admired. 8/10

Good movie

Loved it start to end and 4 those who say its stolen...you know tht u r not supposed to put that in reviews right? just throwin it out there for ur benefit.

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Nice film

Pretty good for a first flash, and funny. Good graphics and a little pointless, but for a 1st flash, im guessing you were looking for something familiar.

for those who say it's stolen, looking at google shows that this isthe only place this animation is at (first 2 pages).

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You Killed da kitty!

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3.86 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2008
11:32 AM EDT
Comedy - Original