Dibblez Fishrider

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It starts out easy, but gets harder and harder. Try to make it to level 10 :)


Took too long

I felt like I was playing for ages, and only got to level 5. I loved the art, but maybe try to make it go by faster?

Not bad, not bad at all.

Add some audio, color, and more fish and challenges for the levels. Also add some instructions. Without them it may piss some people off. Loved the game. For those who don't understand it use < > arrows to move dibblez up and down. Don't hit the fish, collect the little fish for lives and the circles for points.

really good

the only thing it really needs is background music

other things to consider would be power-ups (ie. a shield)
possibly an attack of some sorts (maybe as a power-up)

also i thought that the lives appeared a little to frequently so it wasnt really much of a challenge

Very nice!

I just love the style of this game. I spent the first few seconds in a mild state of distress because my instinct was to use the up/down buttons, but once I discovered left/right keys everything was smooth sailing from there!
I particularly liked what happens when you leap out of the water. Great Work!


Very smooth and like you said it gets harder with every level, the controls are easy and very responsive and the transition from level too level is barely noticeable if it isn't for the banner ... Good work, Definetly worth another play

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3.25 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2008
8:57 AM EDT
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