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Two months ago I released episode 5 of Siblings, entitled "Not-the-Final Fantasy XII". It parodied... well, FFXII. There were a few outtakes and alternate scenes, but I wanted to release the episode quickly, so I said "Hey, why don't I just release the extra bits in their own submission, allowing me to release episode 5 faster?". So I did. But when making the extras, I figured this would be the last time I'd parody FFXII, so I made a few more parody skits. Now it's practically a new animation, albeit with absolutely no storyline at all.


This plays like any previous episode of Siblings playhead wise, but it comes with a new option: No Spoiler version. See, the regular version of this includes a parody of the final battle. Obviously, this could spoil the ending for anyone who hasn't beaten the game and likes surprises, so I added a feature so you can watch this without the super spoiler scene. The final battle parody is replaced with a really weird scene, so even if you watch the regular version, you might want to watch the weird 'no spoiler' scene afterward. The regular version is about 4 minutes long, while the 'no spoiler' version is only two minutes long. I stuffed some extra extras in this (in the form of audio clips only) and two secrets (two!), for those who want more.

I hope you guys enjoy this. It's my birthday present to you all... so enjoy it! OR ELSE.

EDIT: Thanks for the support, everyone! The daily first, the front pagery... all of it, thank you!



Haha lol

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No More Deserts!

lol, I love basch at the end just cursing at Vaan. It was awesome. awesome freaking job man. Funny

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Nice Work, Again!

If you don't mind me asking but, what program is this movie on?

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Bobert-Rob responds:

Flash 8, in fact.


I found this to be pretty funny.

I don't get why everyone hates this game so much. When I got it, I liked it. Just because it was different and had a couple negatives doesn't mean this game sucked. It was unique, and that is what made FFXII, FFXII.

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Bobert-Rob responds:

I just hated the story and main character. The gameplay itself was alright, they just should've spent more time making a decent story around it. Seriously, Vaan sucks. Thanks for watching!

yeah, I saw the spoilers. Im so cool :D

great stuff, its as good as the original... sure, I still didnt play the game and I STILL think Im a nob for that, but I dont care, the complete part was muc damn funnier... I still love as Vaan sucks ass as well... great work, congrats for the trophy!

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Jun 8, 2008
9:39 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody