The 5 Hour Collab II

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This is the second of the 5 Hour limitations I've been hosting on the flash forums, this collab's theme was: Mountains. The objective is to make a part within the 5 hour time limit and then smoosh all the parts together. Many awesome animators joined the collab and the result is truly epic, get ready for The 5 Hour Collab II!

Running Time: 3:08


Great collab

A well done collab each author did his own well.

Graphics.9 Smashing looking flash this looked amazing all the diffrent colabs, are impressive ,but the colors and effects astounding. I liked the use of the sprite effect in the first part no flaws here.

Sound.9 I loved the muisc you used it was impressive, and fittted the mountain theme well. As to adding to the humor of the scenes ,it was stunning and beauiful

Humor.7 This is where i rate lower as i found the later scenes more funny. The sheep one good bloody but impressive. I liked the last one by ChillyCheese that was cool,with him standing there. I liked the emo one too.

Violence.6 Mild not much blood was shown only minor bits, the sheep being the most bloody one. A little upsetting but funny when got why it happened.

I really enjoyed this is was better on several viewings, as it made more sense a pleasure to watch as well as amazing too. What i liked was each collab ,was not a filler they are all good in there own ways.

Overeall a great collab not flaws here.

review request club

Great work, with no bad parts.

Way awesome.

Straight from the start, with the paper texture and what I assume are semi-transparent vectors, you really set up the vibe for how many styles are going on.

here's a quickfire review for the parts:

intro - Lovely style. Beautiful mountains. Flat white beside a paper texture looked odd, but it reflects the 'mashup' aspect well.

ND - I like the utilisation of bitmaps, since it's not something we often see.Disliked it when they started rotating though - I don't think folk should ever let sprites rotate as it doesn't fit with the style.

Kewaks - I chucled. Nice lines too.

Mark Lyne 0 lovely style.

Hill - simple gag, but made me smile.

Hylian Mafia - I liked the mountain texture and the story was amusing, though kinda predictable. Also, in the parts where you zoom out, having a texture instead of flat grey would be nice.

Peglay - the character looks like something Adam Phillips would draw. Not as much movment, but really slick.

Sheep - I liked how well you told this story without words.

Emotional therapy - I guess the joke is that it's 'ironic' or something? I just found it slightly sad. :-(

Race - the end was really predictable, but I like the cheesy grin.

Explosion - beautiful frame by frame. Great ending.

Overall, a great collab. I think if you had told authors not to put their names in, then shown them all in a consistent manner, that'd have been good.

The music was perfectly picked - sorta mystic, icy tune. Great variety of work. Some of the longer pieces were a little rough visually, but that's understandable given the time. I liked how folk used the time in such different ways and the final result is actually faster paced and of as high a quality as most non-time-limited collabs.

If I see you start another one, I'd definitely be interested.

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Very Nice!

Great collab guys, i loved how it all worked out good.
But due to my extreme newgrounds naivete,
i deleted Nicholas-Deary from my flash portal buddies list
and i disappeared from the co-author list. :[

It's alright, though,
i don't need co-author XD
Loved every part, they all turned out superb.
And to the guy below me,
i made the emo kid part. :]
I'm glad somebody thought it was funny, lol.

Superb collab! Hope i can participate in the next one.

Very Original

This was really neat. The wide variety of art and animation styles made it so diverse; it was certainly one of the more original collabs I've ever seen. The music that was chosen for this also gave it a very "mystical" vibe. "Over The Mountains" is also a fitting title for the audio in this flash... XP
As far as the animation, it seemed to be fairly consistent between the authors, though some were quite a bit better, at times, than others. Seeing everything from crumpled/tissue paper to sprites to frame by frame and the rest really displayed quality animations in pretty much every media save claymation.
The humor was actually pretty good for a flash without dialogue. The scene where the depressed dude tries to commit suicide and ends up jumping into a emotional health clinic had me laughing pretty hard. XD
Overall this was a very interesting flash. I got so many different vibes from it, some more serious, some funny, and others, just plain silly. That's what I really love about a good collab: lots of different styles and ideas -and this really epitomized what I like my collabs to be. Great job, guys.

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Good collab..

l liked the theme of this collab.
Usually when someone reads the word # hour collab, the first thing that pops into his mind is this: Bah, another limited time collab? It will surely have crappy animation and sound effects...
Well, this collab is here to prove the opposite!
The animation in most of these shorts was really good (and the one with the Yeti-like monster reminded me of the Brackenwood series) and it was quite funny too...
My 2 faves were the one with the emo boy and the one with that guy with the stupid smiling face that made laugh a lot....
Nice work, l hope you make more collabs...


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Jun 7, 2008
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