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An Unlucky Day

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I made this one boring day with my freind Ethan helped a whole lot with the Idea's!!
I hope you enjoy it!

recommend this to the ultra violent collection.


Hey kid listen...

It wasnt that bad but your 12 and flashing penises?Thats ****ed up you need some help.

Anyway I like flashes like this but man dont do the voices and sound by yourself!Its real annoying!When you grow up I hope you make better flashes!

~Luigi Z

It must have been one boring weekend .....

....to create something like that.
The animation wasn't bad, I've seen much worse.
As for the voices and noise effects........god, please just put some text but do NOT do them yourself.
I just don't find it funny, it has nothing to do with "an unlucky day", it's just some pointless massacre. I didn't find entertaining or funny in any way.

And frankly, wth is with showing a satanic symbol and a penis for a second in the middle of the screen?

Suprisingly, I enjoyed it

I don't know why but I liked it, I was laughing all the way through. The random things that happened made me keep watching.

I think the #1 thing that made me keep watching was the nicely shaded background and decent blood and explosion animation.

my only reccomendation is look for some actual SFX instead, but it was still ok

great effort!

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lol well...

i think i speak for every animator when i say we've all animated various proportioned stick figures dying in a cliff on an apparently hot day... i know i've done it.
i guess its just a step to being better. you kinda defied the laws of physics a few times there. if you get the physics right you'll solve a huge problem right off the bat. the voice acting gets annoying. lol, seriously nobody really wants to listen to your voice for that long. especially when you half whisper to kept the recording process quieter... you had some pretty smooth things in there. just do some practicing and you'll get better. im in the same phase XD.



Not bad.. gory

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2.81 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2008
6:12 PM EDT
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