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This animation contains no stick figures. There is no thrilling combat action. There are no anime girls in tight clothes. You cannot dress, nor undress anyone here. You will not see any skateboards, shit jokes, or parodies of All Your Base and the Matrix. ...and I almost forgot. This movie has noting to do with clocks or the staff of NG.com.

This is for you, the viewers, to be introduced to the main character, Dr. Amichi VanDragen, before he becomes the focus of a long running series... there are some things that are going to be left unsaid... some things that you may be wondering about have already been explained in earlier reviews.
Thanks for voting everyone, and especially thanks to those who reviewed it!

**note** Older computers may have lag-it's best to watch this in low or medium quality if you have problems.

If you like it, visit http://www.rolandscavern
.com. One day one of your characters or storylines could be in an upcoming animation.



Woah dude! that has to be one of the best flash animations I've ever seen... but it's so sad!

But then again many IMC characters have a sad background.

Awesome job on the editing!

I have to agree that the roses didn't fit in as well as they could have, but after watching many anime with live action included in the footage, they don't bother me much.

What did kind of annoy me was the times when his mouth moved... I don't know, it just seemed that it would have been better if he didn't verbally speak. Kind of like flash back thing you know.

Breath taking job on everything else though. Puts more pressure on me to actually do my dern site intro.

Sucks Balls

Don't watch this crap it's a waste of time

ZellsBells responds:

Yeah, and you can believe him, I mean jsut look at the score! Its only been above average for 3 weeks. how dare I submit such crap to the Portal!


Once again good to see someone on story, keep it up.
Also art is very sweet on it, except for the falling roses part. (not sure if you took actally pics of roses and put them in), they just did not fit in with the rest fo the art.

Also it might have been better if you could get a half way decent voice actor. Although if you can't it is better off to stick to text then have bad voice acting.

keep up the good work.

ZellsBells responds:

Thanks for your critique, glad you liked it :) If I could do it over, yeah, I'd DRAW the roses instead of just using some stupid jpegs.
As for the voic, we had toyed with the idea, but thought it would seem out of place. the only thing that would have had voice at any rate was the last part when he actually speaks.


This movie is what we want for creation, showing that a true artistic mind can use brilliantly new media to reach people.

Overflowed by pooping-type jokes, it's a pleasure too see that not only little minded people expose on new ground

Thank you

You have proven that there is dignity in the portal. Even though its surrounded by fart jokes, vengeful stickmen, and perverted advertisements, this flash really stands out.

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3.86 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2002
1:19 AM EST
  • Daily Feature February 16, 2002