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This animation contains no stick figures. There is no thrilling combat action. There are no anime girls in tight clothes. You cannot dress, nor undress anyone here. You will not see any skateboards, shit jokes, or parodies of All Your Base and the Matrix. ...and I almost forgot. This movie has noting to do with clocks or the staff of NG.com.

This is for you, the viewers, to be introduced to the main character, Dr. Amichi VanDragen, before he becomes the focus of a long running series... there are some things that are going to be left unsaid... some things that you may be wondering about have already been explained in earlier reviews.
Thanks for voting everyone, and especially thanks to those who reviewed it!

**note** Older computers may have lag-it's best to watch this in low or medium quality if you have problems.

If you like it, visit http://www.rolandscavern
.com. One day one of your characters or storylines could be in an upcoming animation.


Superb! An excellent little piece of work.

I love your style, and the story was written well, as an observation of a moment stuck in time.

I think adding sound instead of just music would have been nice, but that is a style choice left up to you.

Graphics wise, I thought they were almost perfect. These are the only problems I had:
1. The arm of the girl when he is holding her moves rather unrealistically, compared to the rest of the animation. Consistancy is best.
2. The shadow on the moon drew my attention away because it was kind of cheap looking. Try animating the sequence by altering the moon stages in Photoshop.
3. The roses. Come on, now... I know you can draw, and any drawing would have been better than the crappy lo-res jpegs of roses.

Altogether though, your talent exceeds that of most. Awesome! Keep it up!

ZellsBells responds:

I agree with you that there are flaws in this animation. this is only the second one I did--ever--after Public Service Announcement. It was done on flash 5, and I, admittedly, didn't have a lot of experience in Flashing. (heh) Still don't. ANYWAY. Thanks for your critique.. here's my response:
1)The part where the girl's arm moved was probably the hardest part to dobecause of the way the hand changed positions. I wasn't doing the drawings, myself, and I'm not an animator--I didn't (and still don't) have ths skill and patience to animate that frame by frame!
2) Yeah, the moon could have been done better. I was afraid file size would be bumped through the roof if I did bitmaps for that part. I also didn't have photoshop at the time... now with PS7 and imageready, I guarantee I'd have done it that way instead. *nods*
3) Again, I didn't draw the pictures! ;) That was all Felix. I just colored and animated. I would have preferred that they were drawn, but I forgot to have him draw the roses individually. I was trying to get the animation done by valentines day (and as it was, I was a day late.) so I just did what I could at 2 AM. ;)

Thanks everyone for your reviews and votes... it means a lot to we who created this.

Well done

As a note to people thinking that NG is about violence, action, hentai and similar stuff: it's not entirely true any more. There are many good movies that don't fall into the above mentioned categories. Also, a 3.65 score indicates that people on average who voted on the movie like it.

Keep up the good work!

Good, but...

Firstly, you're an excellent animator, and fair play to you, thats a really good film, but don't you think it may be a bit tooooo arty for newgrounds? if you want to do more stuff like this and get some credit, go somewhere else with it. Secondly, sure you're a great animator and from this I'd say a good artist, but start a PROJECT. Get a really good storyline which has a beginning and an ending and spend some time on it, because this is really just a showcase for your artisic ability, not a flash film.

this was gay!!!

i didnt get the point of this gayass video.if a guy like me watches this and u read my review u wont like it!!!but since u dont know what kinda guy i am u can shut the hell up!!!+ im really 13~!

That was a sad movie,T_T.So touching happy V-day

Over all a really good movie sad but very good i like it very much and hope it gets truned into a full movie but with more added and the person gets very very rich

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3.86 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2002
1:19 AM EST
  • Daily Feature February 16, 2002