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RancidPsychoJosh Sucks!

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Author Comments

RancidPsychoJosh is acting like an asshole in the BBS. He caused Traekwon_ to leave, much to the dismay of many fellow BBS users. This movie was made in like one minute and really sucks, but it gets the point across LOUD AND CLEAR. If you don't like it, Blam it.

Update, added sound loop, hope you like it, it may be a little annoying, but so is RPJ.

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Thank you for humiliating that son of a bitch,because he humiliated EVERYONE even me! I think you could of humiliated him even more. I dont care, as long as his life is in hell! And who is this person everyone siriously misses because somhow RPJ caused it? And how did he do it? Maybe a snich. I still wanna know,so reply. He has friends that are a truck load of shit heads. And he has enamies that are smart, cool, and we can make flash better then him. Speaking of friends, can we be friends? I feel that we can ruin RPJ's life together. Reply to me and we will find a way to fuck with his life. Because his name has a meaning.......Psycho!

You too, huh?

Man, I was talking to him because he decided to make that false Anime is Awesome bullshit, right? Well, when I told him that it was really awfully done, I complained. Now, I like, no LOVE, Anime, but I can understand he has a hatred for it; We all have our hates, right? well, I think somebody said to him that he was just some sob looking for attention, and when he responds, he always goes like:

'No, your the F*ck looking for attention. You don't even know what you're talking about so shut up. Why can't you get over it and accept that I'm smart and you have lower intellect compared to me, huh?'

Bah, he's so annoying, he has a bad temper, and who's the one who posted his most hated thing on this world for us to see?! That son of a bitch, that's who. That SOB just has to find some dumb way to defend himself, doesn't he? And if is smarter, than how come he can't tell the difference between Friend and Foe? Seriously, this guy gives a 10/10, and voted 5, right? well, Josh says:

'You're an idiot. Fuck off.'

What is his problem?! I wish his account would be removed, at the very least. I think he just wants attention, nothing more. He calls us immature, uh, who's the one that submitted a movie stating "I hate Anime, and I hate the fans, too!". I know a bunch of people who hagte anime, hell, some of them are my friends! Why? Because they don't have to complain non-stop about what they hate.

I can't think of anything that would excuse him for his behavior.

1) Forcing a User to leave. You mean RPJ had his account removed? Thats inexcusable and intolerable.

2) Submitting hate movies. About an art. An Incident, like 9/11, or a Life-changing event, yes, but not the things you hate. Unless he can get all these people to band together and destroy all Anime, yeah, he's pretty helpless. He's a menace to all of us, and he must be punished. He is extremely narrow-minded, and he has an explosive temper. Hey, I get mad like a beast, but at least it doesn't show on the Internet unless it gets really bad, which is rarely.

SOMEBODY must have reported him already.

i don know who this guy is but he sounds shit

this josh fellow seems like a necrophiliac o me so let him die in a ver y painful way one that involves a blowtorch a pair of plyers and one vey pissed of rotweiler.

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You, my friend, seem like the asshole to me. Get a life. And...basically, almost everyone who liked this seem illiterate. Psh, all of you go crawl in a hole and die or something, No one needs trash like you. Or...to the idiotic people who cannot grasp the idea of this review......You're all stupid! There, can you Neanderthal's understand? I laugh at the idiocy of these people....Hah. Behold the laugh of an organisim who can spell correctly. Now, like I said before, go crawl in a hole and die...die with your stupidity.

Credits & Info

3.19 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2002
12:54 AM EST