Go Slug

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Go Slug! is a story. A story of suspense, about a slug whose baby has wandered past a falling block of death-spikes. Will the slug be able to retrieve the baby? You never know... It's random.

This is probably going to be the last version.

PLEASE REMEMBER that there is no user input other than restarting.



Now I have the high-tech simulator I need for my research! What are the odds that a slug will rescue its baby while it's being threaghtened by a giant spikey block of death? Now we can know!

very suspensful

I liked it, I really wanted the slug to get to the baby! It was so exciting, watching that slug go with the spikes coming down. I watched it 3 times. 2 times he died while his head was completely under the spikes, the third time he was SO close!! awww then his tail got hit and he died :(

i liked it

you should make more.but it should be a game because the slug moves whenever i click it. i noticed whenever i watch this the slug always retrives its baby.cool music

Hello There your lying

Ya your lying I noticed that he would go depending on my mouse

this ones a hard one

O.K well this is very cute and a nice little video with a chance of loosing which I have no proof for but it does get boring after a while with only the same music and no plot in the video.

Also I have never expierienced loosing in your series so I don't know if you can lose if you can raise the chance for a more challenging roll of fate for the slugs.

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3.89 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2008
11:03 PM EDT
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