June 6, 2008 –
November 20, 2017
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Ah yes, finally finished. Put a lot of heart and soul into this, enjoy. :)

UPDATE: A lot of people have been asking about the music in this flash, and not that I don't enjoy the questions (:P), I think it'd be a lot easier and save you guys time if I put better music credits here in the description. The credits in the flash just name off the artist names.

Deathgore Theme - Darkside555.
Oatmeal and Lungs Take Flight - TrippingMetal.
The OffBeat - FLYamSam.
Think Big - Hangar 18.
Tonto - Battles.
LXP Bitches - Push Button Objects.
Schlakata - Ed L'Epicier.
100s Please - Alexander.

Peace everyone!
(By the way, all of the songs listed above are available somewhere on the internet as a free download, except for 100s Please, which was made by an awesome friend of mine.)


I was expecting him to yell FUSRODAH! with that get up.

I'm guessing there isn't going to be a 2nd is there? That sucks.

death and gore LOL just like the name, whoa that's trippy. oh and saintblue i'm pretty sure that's part of the joke.

This story doesn't make sense (the character is immune to bullets but he is injured...)
Another wannabe madness type of movie but fall flat

plzzzzzzz make the 2nd

i think it's funny but i do also understand the people who say that the graphics are too bad and stuff. w/e i think this give a good touch to the whole thing

good for your frist animay losser

Sensless violence death and gore Me likey =P verry kewl!!

this is crap unless u made this in 1 day or yur first animation so how long did it take you? because the graphics suck the story is lame and y wud u post mindless violence even the madness series has a bigger storyline and better graphics next time try harder

rofl dont let him get past level 2 or it will be very..sad :'(

except for the pieces of brain missing.

ha ha... its a gr8 plot and all and it reminds me off the madness series... still its great.. keep up the good work

good i like it not much of a fan but it was good. why does he not have a shirt?jk i liked it i wan't to see the next one

I enjoyed this flash, particularly for its unique style and viewpoint on the hero. Very well done, and I look forward to the next installment!

do you remember your misson?



DEATH GORE DEATH GORE NANANANA 100 bullets dont stop him but 1 badass laser cannon of death does. awesome stuff. makes me wanna wield a blood battle axe of terror all over again

the music made me want to watch samurai champloo... >.> thanks for the video loved it. (wish i was Deathgore o_o )

It reminded me of my High School drawings when I was bored on Math (they were supposed to be Metal Gear characters XD).

Only for that, and because the animation is sooo great (too simplistic, but great :3), I'll give ya a 9.

Enjoy :3

i need more deathgore more pls gimme more fast i need it

dude he is now sooooooooo a zombie jk jk

it wuz alright, but i don't care wat the other people say, it had a really good animation with the blood and the walking. 10/10

The animation, the lack of story line; it all felt too immature. I think the most work put into the movie was keeping his legs in motion 90% of the time.

godlike :D:D
people say the animation sucks, but it is part of why this flash is AWESOME

the humor is, like the other guy said, classic, and i don't understand why this only has a 3.49 score.

guess some people here don't have a sense of humor :(

It was just awesome. The fact that the animation sucked made it even cooler in a way. The humor was classic in a way. If anyone says this is useless because I liked it, go die.

this totally sucked, theres only certain people who can make a madness style video. And yea this wasn't fun or funny. Oh sure you try to make poopy jokes but they're not funny. and I know I can't spend my extra time on making movies, but I know I can still make great storyboards.

dude this aint hm.. fun. i mean i just dont think this is fun in any way.. he just kills and ye.. they dont have voices -.-' maybe its just me but that kinda ruins the picture of the.. well.. jokes.. but nice main char.

I don't find mindless killing and slow poorly animated madness style fights very. Sure I cracked a smile and a few points but the effort lacked heavily and just felt extremely empty.

You may call this a comedy but I don't find nearly enough jokes to call it one being they are squished in between the boringness of the movie.

Conclusion: Meh.

that was so funny! i'm still laughing! is he some sort of parody about action movies? anyway, good job! can't wait for part 2.

Fucking hilarious. Nice style. ''Do you remember your mission Deathgore?'' ''No.''
I dunno but that made me laugh :D. Can't wait to see the next one.. I don't want to see the super bad guy being sad :(

unfortunately, im to mellowed to give a better review, because i just watched surface texture or w/e, but this was good i liked it! it was zany and stupid - just how i like em!!! cant wait for 2 (i must say, it had a bit of a madness feel... not a bad thing! madness is the best animated action series out there!) keep it up!

AS everyone else has said, graphics dipped at some stage of the movie and it was pretty boring from then on. But good effort but put more effort into the graphics and that'd be good.

Lol 100s please actually is a good song = P

at some parts in this animation you got lazy... the graphics changed when "deathgore" (by the way worst name ever) got to level 2 and started fighting the elites or what ever they where... story line... uhhhh was there one? i didnt think it was funny... and just like welcomechallenge said
"It was just dumb..."

It was just dumb, not funny dumb, but dumb.

Smooth animations style, but the overall effort was kinda lame, resulting in week power-less throws and jabs - the gore was the only redeeming feature (albiet badly drawn). The shading was good, the light effects are nice - the character models suit the guns and evironment but the bottom line is that you did not cut it.

The fight animation was kinda weak, and definitely would have been helped if there were some sound effects.

However, that all went toward the charm of the movie, and I found it to be overall a very entertaining experience. Never has so little seemed so awesome.

It was a very well made flash. The characters, as goofy as they seem, were definitley designed with care. The story was a little too familiar to me, break in a building shoot people up, but a good one at that. I enjoyed the badass tunes put into this. They were very fitting for the flash. I think that goes without saying.
I'm glad to see DarksidE555 threw something into this flash. He's very good at what he does. I liked this alot.

I noticed some users are slamming this piece a little unfairly. I don't see people giving Krinkels a hard time on his madness pieces.

not gonna lie, kinda hated the movie, to much like madness, just not as good

haha that was awesome thats one of my favorite animation styles lol

animation is horible makes no damn sense and dosent explain why they are attacking that guy,for all you know there jsu being pricks and atacking some random building.really neeed to work on the animation and story line

Would've been fucking awesome with a more SFX and other interactive sounds.

Animation was great though, good angry face style main character.

7/10, 4/5

10/10 if it had more soundz.

Yay something I was waiting for to say :D

I loved the part where the dark master was like "make sure he doesn't get past level 2. or i will be very sad. *cries*

it was a pretty sweet movie, i think the music made it so much better. Also i liked how he just wrecked everyone and completely forgot his mission. I expect a good sequel to >.>

That every man wants to be deathgore. I wish i could respond to top secret missions simply with. k general. I loved his total disregard for the fact he was supposed to sneak. Its like watching a super hero the kind that just shows up and ends lives good work

it was good it was kida like mgs and the elte gasmask guys look cool

It made me think of Madness but it was not as poorly animated . It looked like he was tapping then alot of gore comes flying out (not saying I don't like gore).
Then he was walking into lasers then he gets shoot up.
These are what I think.

I love how he's supposed to be stealthy, but he just walks around casually with this giant axe, rofl.

everytime you showed a room full of baddies i just expected him to fly through the wall and smash them into the other wall into one big gore pancake. lol

Well first i know how hard is to animate but you need to get better,
Also i know you dont deserve a 3 or 2 and those people shouldnt be complaining and should be doing something productive. The animation was fubby and i like your stile.

It was okay but you need make the characters move around more. other wise it ok, i like the gore.

was this like fixed/edited and then re-released?
besides that, every1 is st00pid, this isnt madness, its deathgore, the mostest awesomest stealth ninja spec op viking warrior. I love how crappy the animation is and then it gets good and its serious one second and then silly the next. Love it.

The story is good, and the text is readable and seems to flow well. The major problem (and the reason for the low score) is the animation....it's just....awful. Lots of corners are cut and it looks like he's attacking paper that crumbles with every hit. If you took more time in the animation, it would have been very good.

this had madness written all over it

but compares nothing like it, im not going to rant on about everything thats bad about it

so i will just say, allright ideas showing through, did not produce thoes ideas into an animation with sufficient skill for me to even remotely enjoy.

so keep working at it...


Honestly i thought it was rather good. Kinda reminded me of uh... Madness? But something kept bothering me through out the whole video. I was thinking to myself.. 'This style is so familiar, where have i seen this??' Then i saw that it was you :P Very good job :D

Submit more stuff!

I hope i get a response.. that would be totally pimptastic :D

Also is there been any news on another All NG Fads Die? Or has the head flash artist bailed out again? I don't go on the forums so i'm not up to date on anything. i thought i would ask because you were in some of them :)

Seriously, I'll tell you right now, this is a useless review, because I have no idea why I liked that.

The darklord getting sad made me piss my pants in laughter. It just struck me as "draw a moustache on a girl's picture." That, and the whole thing being a madness spoof was pretty decent.

Also, any chance you can throw the music credits into your author's comments? Along with song names?

4'd. I dig-dug'd it. Just be aware that you can only go on a whimsical art style for so long before people start getting bored.

i found it funny because i didn't expect much from it, my imagination did the rest lol

all of you have made no flashes, wanna know how pain staking, time cosumming it is? i enjoyed it, not a masterpiece but WAY past a 1, you sicken me....

O yea, austin nice job...

Real bad movie, not funny, and it was a fair bit narc.

HAULING ASS- Cause... You've just got it wrong, dont make it a flash, dont even continue this flash, make it a game, and include a cover button. throwin' axes like castlevania, retro style, the ability to steal guns, jump on enemies heads, (inspiration from alien hominide) even steal vehicles.

Dont make a flash, unless it is like a storyline extra to the game, if you dont make a game, deathgores just all the more balls, and doesnt deserve squat.

If you plan to make a flash, include jokes. "make me sad" makes me sad.

"k" is gay. (but thats just me) man, it's so much potential for a flash game, this could be the next alien hominid, it could be amazing. DO IT!

its such a fucking shame.. the ending was pretty badass all the fighting and shit but WTF was up the shitty start?the fact when he walked bad dudes they died added to the suckyness. shame.

It like a cutesy, bastardized version of Madness. I enoyed it.. The characters were simple and funny looking, and the animation was, for the most part, hilarious in it's stupidity and lack of effort.

The music that first plays during his mission was cool, but the music overall annoyed me. You could have stood to mix it a little.. well alot smoother. I can get past the lack of voices of SFX, but only if the music was better done.

This was.. strangely enjoyable. I know that's a back-handed compliment, but anyway, thanks for making this.

ok how the fuck did you make the front page????

this is not a funny film and why would any man wna be some guy in a viking hat with no brain walking around with a shitty axe killing crappy guys in masks????

ok u could inprove this by:
making deathgore a really badass guy *like hank from madness*
more charector *excuse my shit spelling* devlopment
more bad guys that are really badass
not just basically same scean of just walking forawd in 2d walking past guys and they die
and maybe some cooler music.

that was the best MADNESS parody ive ever seen

The character is quite funny and the concept isn't bad. I just feel that the violence is lacking style. Deathgore's kills are not creative and he barely employs any strategy, mostly just walking up to enemies and hitting them with an axe. I feel that in order for this genre to be good, it must not just be gory, but the kills must be creative and entertaining, and ideally it should look like the bad guys are actually trying to win. I think that the reason for these shortcomings in your work is that you haven't fully got the hang of smooth, slick animation. Improve your animating skills and your future Deathgore cartoons ought to look many times better.

Animation was spectacular, and enjoyed the black humour in seeing some of the deaths, but certain flaws like no voices or a degraded storyline kind of makes it lose that special aura of greatness. If you were to remake it with those kind of things, or make the sequel with a better emphasis, It will surely make it even more remarkable. In the end though, it's still a pretty kick-ass video.

Well... this piece didn't entertain me at all I must say. It was just boring, although I liked the style a lot. But der was no Voiceacting, molesting music and stuff.
Anyways, I give a 4 for that.

this was not entertaining. this should not be on the front page.

as usual the NG staff lowering their standards all the time.

He openned the wrong eye. Destroying that part of his brain would interrupt function with the right eye.
This means that Deathgore's brain is not in fact damaged, but rather dodged the bullet completely.

I cant wait until number two.

Extremely entertaining.

except with more lawls and less repetition. GJ COMRADE

I didn't like how the fighting was animated. Other than that it was a really good flash.

that was awsome! lokking forward to the second one.you know it would be pretty cool if there was a seathgore game.

I want to be Deathgore when I grow up!

I wish *I* was indestructable... Oh wait... I am! Har har har!

Okay. Good try.

i wish life was like this simple and gorey

Nice try i really liked the second song during the infiltration. But.....nice try

it was good.. except 4 the song at the begginig that sucked

awesome..animation was wacky as hell.. the whole concept was werid and intresting. good job!

I love the simple shapes, especially the animation of the shock troops milling about. Very excellent!

it takes a huge cannon to get him, and he still lives!
hes luck chuck norris on rambo

was so crazy lol i liked it a lot
do a game!! do a game!! :D

Ok, so i watched this and found it to be completely like madness. Ive seen this particular cartoon a bunch and to be honest, its old. I didn't like this cartoon a bit simply because it lacks originality, it lacks voices and the animation was just cheesy. Yet again, i have to explain, the thing with any artform is to step outside of the box. You, my friend, have proven you like the 4x4 confines of the box within.

it's like madness + awesome over 9000

"Do you remember the mission?"

I hope deathgore becomes very very popular on newgrounds, man.
Nice job!

Maybe i didnt get the message if it even had one. But i dont think it deserves front page.... Maybe alot of people just watched it because friend told them its really bad... Sorry. Dont get me wrong im a fan of badly drawn flash but its not my type of humor...

Hahahah nice flash.

Fun to watch.

It's hilarious how it shows all the tipical situations of a bad plot taken to their purest stupidity. You've got a fan.

Pretty shitty, in comparison to all the others that have had a similar plot. Bad drawing, horrible combat scenes.

it wasn't bad but for some reason it didn't appeal to me....

Well... the desighn was'nt as bad as I heard it was, but in the next one you put a little bit more charecter into him, because the first part of action he's just walkin' step on guys or making simple bludgeons, but then once the musik changed it got more into movement and Deathgore had a little bit more soul when he fought...

Not tryin' to bitch or anything, but the flash was'nt bad at all, I liked it, but I had a few problems, but it was still a good movie (:

Keep it up

I like your skills when it came to animating blood an gore, besides that I thought some parts were lacking in design.

I've seen it before, but still great!

keep doing more of this workin :3

that was pretty amusing. i like it when he is just walking and everyone is dying

That was really quite well put together. I enjoyed the simplistic animation, I hope it stays that way! Very nice music selection too.

it was kind of like a trailer almost

That was quite entertaining. I enjoyed the humor of it all!! Keep up the good work mate.

That was rather amusing. I loled at intervals.
The mgs reference "remember, this is a stealth mission" was amusing
and the sad face you put on the head honcho. good one.

the simple animation makes it amusing in a way. maybe you should try make it faster paced?

also: you reply to all your comments. thats very admirable, well done.

It was nice... but a little bit boring. Too long I guess. And some... voices maybee?

Here I was, sure that this would be a statement about death and gore music. But the character is very metal, so I guess thats where its at.
Fun video, well explained plot. Looking forward to other slight metal references in the next one...

Remember, Deathgore, this is a stealth mishun. ... * CHOP HACK DYING *

I really enjoyed the way you changed deathgore's drwn style, from extremely shitty to very good, it added to the overall awsomeness of the movie. I loved the plot too. Possibly best plot ever?

But that shit was off the chain. Animation, Action, and some tight music. I'm going to tuck this in my favorites folder. - Peace

Music was amazing.

epic cactusbot 5000 saves the bloogle smorch day.

deathgore iz kewl. although...he should get a ROBOT UPGRADEEEE!!!!!11

like a bionic eye. imagine....Arnold Swarchzenegger in...Deathgore/Terminator 7.25 - Rise of the Evil Zombie Hookers!

Bob Saget ftw.

I loved the blood and gore effects. Very David-Firth/fatpie.

Awesome concept all around.

I found this very enjoyable, good work and I am looking forward to a sequel.

if only it had audio :'( but it might be your style or whatevs, gj ^^

I thought it was going to be nonstop "random" humor like everything else around this place, but alas, I was pleasantly surprised. I would love to see more of this, guy.

bad animation, lame action, main character is an idiot, not funny at all.

you are awesome.

deathgore, do you remember your mission?


Its comical,not meant to be taken too seriously

Animation was funny, doing to the fact that it was horrible at one second & great the next, and concept was cool.
I wanna be just like Deathgore when I grow up. ;-;

Some parts of this were OBVIOUSLY not meant to be taken seriously. Some parts were a JOKE. Fuck. Anyways I thought it was pretty decent. The music was really good. What was the name of the parts of music where he was "sneaking" into the castle and the part where he's shot with the laser? Lolz.

I myself, LOVED it. Needs a more comical retarded sequel. And a game.

ill give you credit for your work.

i can see that you really did put your all in this. so im giving you an 8, unlike some people who do not understand how hard it is to make a piece like this.

I had imagined this being slightly more commical It really wasn't that funny at all. But it did end up being a little more action packed than i expectd overall turning out to be a pretty decent flash, i hope to see moree of your work in the future and for you to make me a funny one xD.

The beginning made Deathgore look like a hardcore badass, and was sort've cool. Everything after that made him look like a douche. Not saying that I can do any better, but it needs more... Death, and gore. Not... 'lolz walk thru u n take bulet 2 chest'. I like the concept though, because Deathgore does look quite manly.



This is unfortunate as this piece could have been very good. However mpminute said, Deathgore dosn't really do much. Folks just fall over as he dies which while some people could say was amusing or funny, just looks like lazy animation to me. Besides that, there is a sequence when he walks past a bunch of guards who are just standing about, and absolutely nothing happens. You make Deathgore out to be the ultimate killing machine but he dosn't even really seem to try, which takes away any sense that he could be really good, just seems like a somewhat less lazy guy fighting enemies who don't move an inch to defend themselves. The music was indeed repeptive, and there were no sounf effects to make the fights seem a little more intresting.

Deathgore as uber awsome, he walked around and killed guards. I bet Tom Clancy wishes he was as good as Deathgore.=) The music was alright and fit in with Deathgores awsome fighting skills.

Made me proud to be a viking

I d like to see him fighting with chuck norris.

I didn't especially like it. oddly enough I found it a little boring. Deathgore just walks and walks, stops for a second at a soda machine, keeps on walking. The music was repetitive, and there wasn't many sfx to break up the monotony. nothing really happens... so 6.

LOL, its so funny how no matter how badly he gets hurt, he SURVIVES

I like the guards walking swinging their arms. Make a movie about them in time to music. :D

Wasn't laugh out loud funny but it was very entertaining.

it was good but like avendiel said its alot like madness.

didn't really like it at first, what with the lack of dialogue and simplicity, but once i kept watching i realized that is exactly what makes this flash great. Very humorous, excellent use of simplicity to get the story across.
definitely gonna make others watch this haha
cannot wait for the sequel

whether you're aware of it or not, this is seriously madness-y. it's like madness on valium...

okay, but the part where the villain goes all emo wa funny enough that you got a good score anyway...

like others, i appreciated the silence. both because you had good music behind it, and because the simple text added to the feel of the flash. it was a fresh kind of parody, but im not really sure if it was a parody.

i genuinely believe deathgore is that awesome that he can take all those bullets and keep pwning face. its a little like a caveman madness(the scene with the vending machine definetly seemed akin to madness) and that series has no voice acting.

actually, im a little worried that adding more sound might cheapen it. its so ridiculous that with voice acting, depending on how it went the series might become more like a mock movie trailer or something. so over the top that the subject matter itself becomes dwarfed by the general idea of hyperbole.

I do not want that for this series. I believe in Deathgore. I loved this video, it was the first ive written a review for in quite some time, i forced friends to watch it.

At the same time, i recognize your genius in crafting it, and expect great things from the sequal, with or without voice acting. i trust you will make it great.

I liked the animation style and found the dialogue to be short'n sweet as well as humerous. It just had a sense of originality about it for me . It's a nice action / comedy flash. I thought it was nice to see an action flash that didn't invovle madness characters. I also like how the characters were drawn to look simple but also had a lot of lines to make them look overly detailed. Hope to see a sequal soon

This oddly reminds me of I-Ninja the game.

You sort of made an angry invincible character for a madness type animation...


Instead of making it the classic madness type shit, you took it and made it where the protagonist walks into stuff and it dies. The character was funny, but nothing original.

The music mix doesn't really give any credit to the band Battles. The song when Deathgore enters the building is called, "Tonto."

Just happened to notice that cause I saw them at Lollapalooza last weekend.

I think the flash would have been more impressive if the characters did something that just move the legs and arms. It wasn't funny enough for me to like it past the humor. The facial expressions are funny though :D!

Slow motion humoristic douchebag combat! Epic!

It was kind of slow but it made the ambiance of the unrealistic combat. You didn't even had voices but you managed to keep a good pace for the jokes you were throwing. By the way, my best scene was the big boss speech with the tear :P .

Thanks, you made my day.

Deathgore, Do you remember your mission? No. Akward silence....lol great man great.

Overall nothing exceptional. It looks like it has a lot of influence from the Madness series. The music wasn't bad though a tad repetitive after awhile. The drawings themselves changed a lot, it almost seemed like it was a montage of artists rather than just one. It's interesting, but the thing is some of those styles weren't too well done and sometimes the transition into other styles just didn't seem to flow well with the cartoon.

Also, the fighting was really weak. It was basically him running forward and things dying if they touch him.

As for the plot, there really wasn't any besides a hint of background on this character and the fact that he's on some random mission that even he doesn't know what it is.

The comedy was kind of dry too.

Overall, a mediocre piece of work. I wish you luck in your future endeavors, but i honestly don't understand why this deserves front page.


it had some gore but i needed more but it was overall sweet

i'm sorry but i could not even finish this one. the characters were drawn about as good as my two year old can do. also did't like the speech bubbles made it feel to much like a comic book w/o the artwork. also the music was horrible.

Who's that bad mother fucker?

i mean i think its cool, especially the whole no-dialog thing but what im saying is that the drawning style might have been a little better and that the music for the fighting scenes could have been a bit more intense like music as to get you into the feel of like you know - fighting, instead of like an elevator music remix of a hard rock or metal song. BUT! i think thats its a good flash and was pretty amusing - and about the drawing style i also think that even though i could have been a little better, the style made it funnier - all in all, good work.

Awesome. That was genius.
Simple, funny, gory.
The fighting was great. That axe cut through enemies like they were made of butter. Fantastic. Also liked the music-only, with no dialouge. Made it feel more like a comic or a cartoon.
What made it even better was that Deathgore reminded me of my boyfriend. Only with short hair.
I'm looking forward to the next part.

WTF is wrong with you people? This movie sucks. almost 4/5 and on the front page?

My god, I leave stuff in my toilet better than this.

This movie had some interesting takes on the Flash movie concept. Your choice of not adding sound other than the music was a good choice. Somehow by not adding it, it fit its style. The whole thing felt like an 8 year olds fantasy to be the ultimate superhero. The art style and story really made it feel that way with him just never dying no matter how many guys shot at him. A few seconds later the gunshot wounds would suddenly be gone anyway hahah. Good stuff.

Its for projects like this, which are different from all the masses, which make me want to do guest animations. I would have some good ideas for this as well. Its too bad Im busy working on my own project these days.

Anyway, have fun working on part two.

I love the self-aware ridiculousness of the cliched action-movie type badass. Very well portrayed. You get double kudos for incorporating a Battles song into a flash.

That was pretty good. I kind of wish he would of just blew them up by giving an awesome battle cry, but it was still pretty awesome.

Can't wait for the sequel!

really liked it, the fighting was pretty funny, he just walks up and they die , or he gets really close and touches them and they die.


it was good, and i agree with ur comment o nthe guy below me, thats nothing like maddness.

gj and keep it up

I liked that better than any madness episode. I loved the big boss' command for DEATHGORE to not get past the second level, or else he'd be really sad Hahahaha. Kudos.

REALLY cool!

I've been watching movies here and there on Newgrounds and I think this one really have something special. I liked the style a lot and the music was perfect. A nice sense of humor and great job on the artwork. Ill make sure to watch part 2 as soon as it comes out. I like how you made some scene different from others ( ''3d'' scene, the huge arm scene, fbf-like scene )

''Do you remember your mission ?''
''.... .. . No''


Yay, Deathgore go!
This flash is kept simple so that it is funny. I had a good time watching Deathgore walk throug like 100 men an completely forgetting the mission.
Mentioning the elite fighting skills and things like that was also funny.

At first I didn't think much of it. Somehow after a while Deathgore is all you want becouse it is kept so simple (I think).
Brilliant, just brilliant.... and a bit weird though

it was ok but a lot was missing and it looked kinda like a failed attempt at a madness tribute. Sorry

Great idea, quite entertaining. It could have been done better though, not necessarily with dialogue, but some sound effects at least. (Rather than just the music.)

he died and opened his eye! KEWL! :D cant wait till next one... and i liked the way they walked btw :D

I wish I was like Deathgore. :(

I enjoyed the style of the characters. I think the goofiness of moments like Deathgore walking past enemies (and they seemingly die) added to the entertainment of your movie.

Forget what other people say. If you enjoyed making this (which to me, seemed like you did, and it's recognizable in your animation), then keep on doin' what you're doin'. I'll keep on watchin.

I thought that was really good. I don't see why people are giving you such a hard time. Towards the start it was rather dull and i was tempted to turn it off but the further on it went the better it got. I bet half the people below didn't watch it all. Sure the thing doesn't boast the most technical animation but it suited your style well. Any more animation and it would have been very much like the Madness Series but instead you have created a very good, very simple start to would looks to be a promising series. FAVOURITED!

Although with no VA in it, it's still pretty awesome. Though it would be hard to imagine what his voice would sound like seeing as how he's super badass.

it was okay the grathics were not brillant but there was a bit of comedy in it and theres still another part to it so try to make the 2 halve a bit more better

Sorry, heart or no, this is just not enjoyable to watch. It's badly paced, there's no audio (besides the theme that I hated when I first heard it), and the animation is nausea-inducing.

I want my time back.

- "Remember, this is a STEALTH mission."
- "k" *Puts out giant Waraxe*

Pretty funny partly, but somehow a little too pointless for me.
Also I'm not sure if the animations are looking poorly by intention or not...

Anyway, 4/5 and 6/10

That sucked so much ass i think it cleaned every ass in the world. A good concept, just VERY poorly animated, not very well planned out, and the end was complete bollocks. He opens his eye after losing half his head? WTF!? U get 2/10 stars because it is a good idea for a flash. I just hope that either u get good at flash and redo this or one of the more experienced artists gives u a hand with a remake. Try again

goodjob that was pretty cool 5/5 =]

sorry. it just wasnt that good. bad music, no voice or sfx. also not funny.

I enjoyed it. Awesome idea and a superb character. This flash left little room for reviewing, this is one of those movies where the animation or whether it makes sense or not doesnt really matter. Either you like it or you dont, and there is actually little if any point in reviewing it. Not a masterpiece, but definetly one of the coolest characters of Newgrounds. Would make an awesome game, too!

Very efficient killer , i envy him

Its a pretty funny flash but not good enough to get a ten from me :)

I think I see a pattern here.

this was similar to madness in many ways thou i love that searies thiss cartonn was well.. just poor. It almost didin't have any sound efects and if there were any they were just bad (same with the musick)

Dont get me wrong im sure you put a lot of effort in this creation. I'll give you a 5 because of the original grafix for this kind of flash and that little bit of humor you put in here.

I wish you luck on your next flash

The style seems to be at its best when simply drawn and featuring lots of humor, you certainly qualified this all. The jokes such as 'Or else I will be sad' with the dark mysterious character were hilarious and successful.

This movie is actually a generic 'fuck you' to all poor unrealistic action movies such as Rambo.

i enjoyed this flash

was alright like some cool fights but it was kinda silly XD

i didnt like it. it is a pretty messy movie with many influences from "madness".
The cartoon was badly drawn and the fighting scenes didnt have any good sound to make me get excited.

Try again...


"Don't let him get past level 2 or else I will be very sad" :'(

That and the art style, animation, all very good. 4/5 8/10

The lack of sound effects and voices really hurts this submission. The stiff animation got tiresome... the stuffy, grammatically warped intro credits were also annoying.

I suggest incorporating sound, and maybe going for an original plot instead of the same old tired "Madness" style invasions.

this was a great video, i love gore and awesome but you put the 2 together. its GORAWSUM.

oh and for Kickern, the scene with the soda machine was in the madness sereis but i dont remember which episode

I liked the violence, it was so bloody and stuff.
The animation was pretty good too, it was so funny drawings XD
But it feels like I have seen it before somewhere on the internet, do you know where????

very different,
not 10/10 animation- but it keeps me entertained nonetheless.
good job, looking forward to the next bit

It looks like something a 3rd grader would draw. BUT THAT'S THE BEST PART!!! ME NEED MORE DEATHGORE!!!!! SOME MAKE MORE!!!! (plz)

very, very well animated.. and nice story line^^

I thought it was cool, it was obvious that you could animate better than you did most of the movie....
I hope you make a second and better one though

To Start!

Original Design always Good
I like how it Switched from Serious Style To Cartoonistic that was awesome!

to Sum up real fast cause i gotta go
10/10 5/5

Did you know i wanted to be a crappy animation? :O j/k it was funny as hell 5/10

I gotta say this was a good flash it was funny and may not have been the best animated but in some parts it looks like you did it on purpose for comedy value and even if you didnt it worked. The person who said about all the identical people is stupid because clearly they are evil henchmen and they should look the same uniform and stuff. Yeah anyway make another or we will be sad lol. Oh yeah and the viking deathgore is a great character.

i loved it. i want to be deathgore.


I agree with those who say that the animation could use improvement. It looks like the animation and drawing style changed a little toward the end, almost as if someone else finished it up. My suggestions would be working on smoother and faster animation and action, as well as a few good pieces of comedy to throw in between if you like comedy mixed into your action.

Your flash is rather identical to that of a madness flash movie except that the main character is a viking with a poorly animated axe swing. Lots of identical guards, no real plot, lots of killing.

But boring

I thought this was going to be a peice of shit movie, but it turned out alright! I mean yea it's lacking in the 'pretty aspect of it' and ... sound. But hell I'm easy to please and enjoyed this just because of the wit and humor. Like the guy said below me, make a second one... or we'll ALL be sad :'(

Or else i will be very sad. :'(

no im kidding no blam.

the only thing you need to add is more sound effects for the people, it helps bring the characters to life.

other than that it was really good! keep up the good work!

The music and the action did the talking! I like the little gritty detailed shots. I'm confused by the other reviews though, where did you claim that it was comedy for them to be all whiney about it? It's funny as hell and even as funny as super-hell in others but they are still upset because you didn't rip off egoraptor or someone else's style (yes i felt the madness vibe for one specific scene). Your animation styles are great ( i like the detailed soldier walking animations, i.e when they rotate). My friend showed me this and we both really enjoyed it. Keep up the excellent work.

great stuff austin :)

Music flowed well with the animation. I agree with Saintlydoc, there's a lot of potential in Deathgore. Do totally wish there were sounds and voices too, but the music was definately wicked.

Good choice on the music...Maybe it's just my personal opinion, but I found nothing humorous about it. The drawing style is okay. I definitely think the animation needs some work. Good luck with your next animation.

It felt like a dumbed-down Madness, really.

I see a lot of potential in deathgore.
I loved the music; the selection was awesome.
The graphics was stylish and the humor was ok.
I wish there was sounds and voices though.
Also, better animations in the beginning.

Final Verdict: 4/5 7/10

I really would've liked voice-overs. the dialogue could've been better. Aside from parodying action movies, I missed most of the humour(assuming of course it wasn't meant to be just random). What I did like was that he was a viking guy, or something.
Other than that, I either did not get this flash, or it is poorly contrived.

the amount of work you put into this showed, i loved it. it was very well done, and even though there were no voice overs, it was a great flash.

Reminds me a little of the madness series not bad tho.

It's very good he just plows right through his enemies.

I think I remember seeing this on SheezyArt a few months ago.

The story was awesome and the characters kinda look funny but they we're drew badly and tweens we're really open here!
Anything but that everything is awesome also liked the music

I agree, this should be a game, it would be awesome!

Why can't all guys be more like Deathgore?

make this into a game :D

try to put more than just music, other than not having other sounds that is was awesome!!

this was a good flash, but the whole stick figure thing was a little weak in my opinion, now the whole concept was sweet.

but really looked like it was drawn by you while in like 5th grade of this really awesome superhero, but I liked the action in the flash non the less, but maybe if you were to have the people actually talk instead of the bubble, and the whole evil villain being sad if he makes it past the 2nd level is pretty pathetic for a villain in my book.

but i still enjoyed the actiony parts of the flash

you are far from the best animator on newgrounds, far, far, far, far, and even farther away. but your blood and gore effects rival krinkels and that makes violence your ticket to victory. my recommendation, change your drawing style to be a little more definite and stick to de bloodz and gorez alot

OMGZERZ GR8 FLASH >: ) . either deathgore is unrealisticly good in stealth or the guards are really really really really really really stupid

sound FX would have helped greatly.
it was like a 3rd dimension Madness combat.
so not really madness at all.....

overall, VERY eventful! the action seemed limp to me tho.
silly, but i personally never laughed, other than a little chuckle.
but im a tough critic. i can see you tried.

Congratz to you man. Nice movie. I WANT A SEQUAL!

It would be Deathgore. Hilarious! I can't wait for the next one!

The bad guys deserve to win for once... and deathgore is gay.

dude i like, buuuut...eeh the hole "madness" thing is kinda UNcreative, but i like the effects and animation, BUT the hole point here is that u can make a other series of this charecter for exampel a total random angry hobo that found a viking helmet and a axe in a store and took it... ANW the hole point of the movie is pointless cuz we all have allready seen this in a other way so... but i like and its good that u have put a lot of heart and soul in it as u say, good jobb and ceep it up man

BTW: i give u a 9 beacuz i like the effects and the hole shit shabang...not really the story that u took isent that good cuz we all seen it blablalba u know what im talking about anw as i was saying, good jobb and ceep it up


This could have been so much better. Some sound effects and better music would have benifitted it allot. Plus it seems real lazily done too.

little funny but nice work

it was ok. i found it funny at some parts, like the evil guy with a sad face. but the whole movie reminded me of madness. i think u where trying to do something like that. but nothing beats the orig. i like the axe thing tho. keep on keepin on dude.

those guys got owned.

I didn't like it that much... It looked a bit "lazy made" all do I do know you putted a lot of time into this... I just think you could of made all the characters and stuff look
a lot better. And would would of been nice to have some more sounds to all the
weapons... AND you should of added more things into it, guns, bad guys, ideas...
Sorry I'm being very picky... :(

It reminded me of Assy McGee (On Adult Swim)

outta all the lethal weapons, a axe?!

I lobe the style, the humor, the character and the guns! Great job, I love it, sort of Yotam Perel-ish. Like if Yotam Perel made Madness. I like this much better than Madness though, much more creative :)

I love it! Keep up the guns! :P


I thought I reviewed it when you submitted it, but maybe that was just on sheezy.


Great Job! You Succeeded on getting Front page a month later! :D
I truly did love this movie though, it was funny and gory. Had some cool style of animation and was just plain fun.

Now that's fucking metal Austin

Some fighting sounds woulda been cool to have. And wait, why did the last blue laser cannon blast his brains off if the earlier laser gun thing at the roof just got reflected of him? :P

A funny movie. Keep it up.

lol that was a really good kick butt action movie i seen on newgrounds. maybe you could put sound in. It should of been a monkey on the mug because monkies rule.

trippy man, i love this! the whole thing had me laughing really hard. i saw that some of the tweens seemed to lack but at the same time it looked intentional, so it just make me laugh harder. really one of the coolest toons i have seen for a while.

Lol, the Mug with the flying Ninja.

Quite funny, I get the irony :)

I especially liked the Big Large Ion Cannon of Death, and the shady evil villain that will be very sad if his lackeys fail to stop him :)

pretty good job

That was an interesting powerpoint presentation. Cool use of zoom. I've never seen that in Powerpoint before.

id be a fughly stick dude, hes a syp viking? and dude, idk how to say it, but it looked like you got lazy 1/2 way through, loke, he got really slow, and only moved in one direction, while throwing ppl, so idk how to describe it rly -.- but still, made me laugh, i dont rly get it but o well, 7//10

Violent for the sake of being violent? Kind of didn't have a point. Felt like a much poorer version of madness really. A really poor version where the protagonist only has to walk through his enemies to kill them.

I can't say I liked this flash at all. Which is strange given it's apparently your favorite. Go back to making me laugh :D

its violent its funy at the beginning i thought it was kinda doumb but the longer the better [sorry for my bad english im dutch]

it was a very good violent flash, it reminded me of madness combat, keep up the good work.

Very well done, TrippingMetal. You have put together a very comedic and action packed animation. I enjoyed it from the opening sequences all the way to the "cliff hanger" at the end of it.

Here are a list of the pros and cons this submission has:

-Good Animation
-Good concept/story
-Nice soundtrack
-Very entertaining

-Sound effects are missing

I find that sound effects are a must if you're aiming for a higher score. Unless that was completely intentional, you knew that sound effects weren't necessary, then that's fine with me. I really enjoyed this and I can't wait for the sequel, and for more of your works to be released. Keep up the great work.

Dude: "We need your help DEATHGORE... To stop a deadly organization."

Deathgore: "k"


Really nice movie you got there, smoothie animation and funny style. I think Deathgore looks cute but also dangerous! :3

Also nice music but... SOUND EFFECTS? Ö I really missed the sound effects actually. Also, when the general or deathgore is talking you could use sounds. Voice acting isn't neccecery but you could add sounds like in Animal Crossing by Nintendo, that would make it really funny. :)

At last, I also think this is underrated, it deserves more than a 3.70. :4

Overall, nice movie, keep it up! :D


...my favorite is gonna break into your house !

Now THAT's a MAN! ;D

Fucking awesome flash man. Really enjoyed your use of serval styles and all that. Violent and funny at the same time. Deathgore is such a bitch. :D

Very nice intro there is well, fits along with the theme perfectly, thanks for that! :3

+5 in my books! 3.74 / 5.00 (+ 0.0074)


HE AINT HUMAN!!! HE'S DEATHGORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats just it. AWESOME!!

really well done, the artwork was good and really suited the film. It was funny to. I'll be watching the sequel when it's out

NIce artwork and funny story haha

One question : How many days did this take you ?? (sorry for the bad spelling )

Man this was so cool but i have a question he is some kind of inmortal viking or what he is x3

Like the style and gore of course. Can't miss the gore. Also, 'battles' is awesome. Good choice of musak.

it's funny, it has pretty good graphics, perfect execution, 1 thing I don't like is the song, I just hate songs like that 9/10 5/5

it remind me madness so it's not the most original thing
but story was good, animation just nice, graphics and quality just ok
i liked a lot the music but i think sound can be improved
it did not have sound effects not sound at all just music
it should be rated at mature i think
it seems that you made your animation at your own style
that's great but the story has been make over and over
i think your next works will be T-rated just be more original and make
little improvements
nice job keep the good work!

Do You know what you made?.........Didnt think so.
I thought was very funny. Well done and a little like Madness Combat.
Well done sir.

i'll bet people will be watching this 4 years from now this is awesome i cant believe he ripped that dude in half thats crazy //_^ anyways great flash

At first I thought it wouldn't be good, but it actually is.

i loved the music, the animation, the violence, and the humor, its got it all in it xD

great job, love it

''Deathgore, do you remember your mission'' ''.........NO'' xD

I must say the animation in itself is not bad at all, it's not the best I've ever seen, but it's above average.There were some sequences that weren't very good but it's forgivable.
The story is, well, pretty basic and not very original, I also find it very weird that the guy just doesn't seem to feel if he's being shot or not, it's not very realistic.
I however love how you did some of the guards, as they look like surgeons :D.

I must say as a last point that what you posted is not "mid violence". It features decapitations, body ripping, boils and entrails falling around and the head of the guy getting opened, revealing his brain. This should be featured therefore as "mature". Ok so it might not be a big deal, to you, the people who likes your animation , or even NG community in itself but for me it is. I think these details should be done correctly.
So, it's not great, but there is defenitely some potential in what you've done.
Good luck for the next animations.

This was so awesome to watch... so perfect. Make another one!

Impressive =]]
funny stuff and nicely animated.
hope to see you get some nice awards for this =]]
5/5 - 10/10

this was excellent, well done. funny, exciting, well animated, and stylish. I hope people pick up on this and shoot the score up, this is great.

<3 <3


Not gonna post too much, since Blue Spartancovered most of it... I actually had to check the author at one point to see if it was a collab cuz the animation style changed at one point... But overall deathgore is pure awesome sauce, Let's see if you can make him into a NG legend. Hope to see some awards come your way as well

Reminds me of madness

This is awsome! Deathgore the viking is just amazing, and full of originality that only insanity can create. This had me laughing from start to finish, especialy the bad guy!

Tom: Intense shit man

it was good , with nice quality a nice story line and funny , it might win an award !

oh and how come when dethgore got shot to mush he got less detailed?

Since I'm not a flash artist, I can't really give true amazing spectacular advice when it comes to flash skills. However, being someone who has kept up with your flash movies and overall artwork, I have a pretty good idea when you've done something right and when you've done it wrong...

This movie was right in so many ways, and though there were a few, minor issues that I was able to pick up on here and there, it was quite possibly one of your best movies yet.

Considering this, I wanted to give you an elaborate review, because I don't think a "LOL THAT ROXORZ MY BOXORZ" does the video justice.

It's a new playing field for you, as I don't think I've ever seen you create something with the violence you provided in this, that being said, you did a fantastic job at providing a sense of realism to what wasn't exactly that realistic. The level of detail in everything was astounding, and was certainly unexpected for something so violent.

It had a fun tone, and remined me of something along the lines of a Solid Snake spoof (Though I don't think it was, the general calling it just seemed to lead me to that conclusion) and this provides another source of comedy through the action, giving the viewer time to get a few laughs in throughout the gruesome gore.

One of the main elements of this flash that I appreciated was the choice in music. I found that overall the songs chosen fit perfectly, and really kept pace with the scenes they were provided for. My only regret is that during certain scene changes there was a suddent shift in music, which took me off gaurd. Perhaps a little lag time between heavy and low songs might rememdy this next time, and allow the viewer the chance to readjust?

The Greats:

Great main character.

Great giant evil boss guy.

Great choice in weaponry.

Great use of vending machines.

Great music choice.

The Don'ts:

Don't skip around in terms of animation style toooo much. As cool as it was, the level of detail in some scenes followed by the level of simplicity in others took away from Deathgore overall. I understand why it was done that way, but nevertheless such a dramatic change can take away from the movie.

Don't have quick dramatic changes in music, though it rarely happened, it was still enough to throw me off balance. O_o Make sure change is smooth when done.

Don't forget the pepsi cameo. Seriously, what's wrong with you? >: [

The Questions:

What exactly is evil boss man wearing? I gotta get me one of those. >_>

Where did the idea of Deathgore come from? O_o

How did the bullet holes disappear? D :

Why doesn't Deathgore take over the world with his super awesomeness?

Who is Deathgore truly? IS IT JESUS?!?!?!?

So yeah, there you go. My super awesome review. Good job man. It was one of your best so far.

I've seen some better animation but I think that the look you gave it was just what you were going for... I love how Deathgore just plows through everybody... the play button made me laugh.. 10/10!


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3.61 / 5.00