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Blast Out

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Bounce the angry circles through 19 action packed levels to destroy the terrain, release the particles and get the high score!
Use the powerups to aid you in your destruction and the mouse to sweep the particles down to your paddle.


+ Use the mouse to move the paddle
+ Left click to fire a ball
+ Hold left click to suck in particles to your paddle
+ Press left mouse to fire powerups


Version 1.3 - Added a little force so it doesnt enter the "horizontal loop" situation, fixed a coupple other bugs

Version 1.2 - Fixed a common complaint with the paddle being too sluggish and one or two other minors



I kinda enjoyed playing this. It was a little addicting. I'm not sure what collecting the partials does but It's still fun.


It was pretty sweet, kinda like the paddle game (damn forgot the name) but you might wanna add a 'add life' power-up there too.

4 stars for creativity. 3 for overall fun (out of 5, mind you)

Pretty good game, well done.

A few complaints but overall its one of the better breakout type games I have seen. I also like hitting pictures of stuff rather than coloured blocks.

Just one major bug...

When you have multiple balls in play, on your last life, if ONE ball drops below the screen, the level ends (even when there are other balls in play).
Also, a slightly less important bug is that the ball bounces off at almost 90 degrees too often, which means you can be waiting to hit the ball for a long time.

Fix this, and it could even be FP material, I think! Great job!

artificialgames responds:

Sweet! Ill make these fixes and the others that have been suggested below now and hopefully the new version will be up thisafternoon!

Im very excited if this could potentially make FP :D

Nice game

The overall game was nice. The game play was nice, but the only thing i found bad about it was the crappy quality photos in the middle, i would have found it for fun if there was just a coloured square, or layed out like a normal break out game, so that when you hit something, you are not expecting a huge chunk to be torn out of it.

If you can get better level ideas and graphics for the levels, it would be amazing, maybe get a theme, and put all the graphics around that.

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3.38 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2008
5:06 AM EDT
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