Swish BBall

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Drag the mouse to realistically shoot the ball.
The more bounces of the walls the more points awarded.
Swish is 25 points. Frenzy mode is 100 points.


Simple but fun.

Not too shabby. I liked the feel of the physics and the nice swoosh sound effects. Graphics were okay, not too bad nor a masterpiece. Not much to do besides shoot the ball over and over again but thats really all you need with a game like this. Looking forward to your future stuff.

mike950f responds:

Thanks! Yeah I'm definitely working on more & different games.


At first, I thought you had to wait for the Basket ball come to a complete stop before shooting again. I'm glad I found out that that wasn't the case. You might want to add on a tutorial so people can better understand how this game works. Nevermind, lol, I found it on the bottom of your game. I feel so embarrassed.

Anyway, it is a simple arcade game that is fun to play over and over, trying to get
the highscore which is impossible, being 1600 or something around that.

Originality-I've seen a couple games like this and some that are basically the same objective and goal. Sorry to point this out, but this one game doesn't have anything that really just allows it to stand out among the rest.

Gameplay-A simple engine and actionscript goes a long way for this game. The highscore board doesn't immediately add you on, but thats just minor.
Overall, it's a pretty entertaining, competitive game.

Audio-Every sound you put in the game was well worth it. The swish sounds, basket ball sounds, and even the rim sounds great. it gives you a feel that you're actually playing Basketball.

Graphics-Well, the graphics are not entirely made in flash so this one is hard to rate. the basket ball and hoop are both made with flash, but almost everything else isn't. I would have to say, that you probably want to experiment with backgrounds so you can eventually create one that is better than the one you have now.

Violence-There isn't really any violence in this game, unless the basket ball magically flies out and hits the crowd, but I didn't expect a basket ball flash game to have any violence in it anyway.

Summary: Though there are a couple of minor flaws with the game, it still is entertaining to play and to score high upon. The only major problem with it is its lack of ability to stand out among previous Flash game submissions similar to it.
Aside from that, there only was slight work done in flash, and it seems the main focus for the game was the actionscripting, which, for the most part, is flawless.
All in all, I would recommend people to try this game and see what they think for
themselves so they can better understand it.

Overall 8/10
Decent Score

mike950f responds:

Thank you for the detailed and informative review!
Very helpful.
Thank you again!


Fun, but I can't play again cuz the NG logo won't go away...v_v

mike950f responds:

i think its ok now

good game but

the ad won't go away when you replay the game

mike950f responds:

oh noooo .... i think it works ok now

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2.47 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2008
10:49 PM EDT
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