Jack vs Woody

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This is the first flash movie that I submit to newgrounds and I´m not really a master at making flash movies so please be generous with this one

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ooh fancy

the idea is there, you just need more practice with smoother animation. I figure you'd do better to spend more time on it, perfect the movements and clean up your drawings(those swinging vine movie clips have that tiny blinking floating triangle next to it, what is that?). a movie doesn't need to be long, just make it look nice.

Giroki responds:

I don´t really know actually

that was ok

good 1st movie movie better than most pples.....

cant say im suprised this got through

good try might wanna work alil more on movment make everything more smooth looking, just take your time no ones rushing you

Giroki responds:

yeah, you´re right about that.


well the sounds were ok, but the graphics were horrible..i dont doubt you could've done better but next time try to get the sounds to match the actions...(while jack was fighting the magic guy he got hit about 6 times and there were about 20 punch sounds). Good luck on your next one though.

Giroki responds:



Wasn't anything new

And How old are you cause your vocabulary and sentences are horrible some of it didn't make sense

Just try harder.

And don;t make anymore stick figures cause those are old already

But it was good for being new

Giroki responds:

thanks alot I´m going to submit another one one day but this one should do it for now right and by the way, I´m not from america.

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2.15 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2008
2:42 PM EDT
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