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I've known egoraptor for like, forever.
This is a parody of him and his work. I mean no disrespect, cause I ain't hatin'.

Egoraptor is awesome.

UPDATE: DUDE, Daily Second? Awesome. Being second to "There She Is" isn't bad at all. Certainly not for my first ever flash submission.

UPDATE THE SECOND: Front page? Really? Well, alright. =D

UPDATE THE THIRD: I was going to try to reply to ever single review... but.. you guys are too much for me. At this rate, I could spend the rest of my life replying. And then I'd never get to animate anything else. Just know that I try to read all the reviews, and I appreciate all of them. Even the ones from people telling me how much I suck. <3 Anyway, sorry if I don't reply to you... it's just... I don't have it in me.
Also, thanks for all the kind words and high marks. I assure you, my next submission will be bigger and better than this. =D

UPDATE THE FOURTH: You guys do know... that if you don't like it, you don't have to apologize. =D Seriously guys. If you hate it, hate it with conviction. Don't be a pussy.

UPDATE THE FIFTH: Since NG doesn't allow external links, look on youtube for the hilarious live action awesomeraptor parody. Hahahahah.




nice work

this does capture egoraptor pretty well. nice work dude, i'll be waiting for more.

Yo fuck I got deadlines!

Oh my gaawwd Metal Geeear! LOL! So funny man. The style is right, the jokes are ace. Plus, this tribute is even better since Egoraptor is doing his own voice! XD Nice job dude, keep up the AWESOME work =P


Yo n***a imma big black man. THE GREATEST (yet short) FLASH EVER....just like egoraptor.


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As much as I respect Egoraptor, this was awsome!

My favorite part was when he was doing the voices for gay jokes and racism. I love his work but this sums up what he does in a nutshell.

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4.27 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2008
12:53 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody

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