Pong 2008

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Second flash game xP. Any reviews are welcome. Pointers on flash will really be appreciated.

Thanks for everyones support!! All the advice I got was great.
NEW UPDATE 2008 version. Please review.



good for your age

it was good for a young kid but there were some set backs like it was extremely easy...and i admit i aint to good at video games, and the ball also went through my paddle 2 times, but i like how it matters where you hit it to determine not only angle but speed!

LuxGamer responds:

Im glad you noticed the paddle/ball thing. Took forever to figure that out.


Hey guys, this is my boy starting to program games at a very young age. For his second flash game he did a pretty good job ! All your words of encouragement are very welcome! You guys are great!

A VERY PROUD DAD ! (and you should hear him jamming some of his own jazz songs on the piano!!! The kid is a genious...! )


The movie clip isn't solid enough, the ball went through my paddle once...and make it harder, I beat every level.

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A few things to say..

The graphics could do with some improvement but that will come with time. The concept itself was simple, I mean it was pong, it could do with some work but overall it was a good effort in my opinion. I have made a pong remake recently and it had a few other features. Check it out if you want, its nothing amazing but it might give you some ideas.

A couple of things are that the computer paddle jerked about a lot, I think if you use a higher frame rate and a smaller movement increment it will be smoother. Also maybe allow the computer to have some leeway with the ball, say only move if the ball is +/- 5 pixels from its y value. And finally you need to limit how far the player paddle can move vertically as at the moment it is able to move past the top and bottom of the window.

Keep on with the flash! :)

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LuxGamer responds:

Thanks for all the tips... Where can I find your pong?


its alright. not really oringinal, but im sure u know that. if its gonna be PONG 2008, you should have at least made it futuristic or something. but if some one is looking for a good game of OLD fashioned pong, yo u got it

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2.18 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2008
8:10 PM EDT
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