Metal Gear: Hands On

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Ocelot is doing his classic monologue/torture when his hand gets possessed by Liquid. The two get sidetracked arguing and now proving who's the boss is more important than stopping the good guy.

PS: No matter what The situation, Tony Danza is always the boss.

This was originally made for the Metal Gear Collab but it was too long so I just made it as a solo project, plus my computer got virused and it totally dorked up the program. The audio is a little off at the end because for some reason my timeline was not working correctly. Still, I hope you like.

Sweet, 3rd place, not bad for being up only 5 hours. I made the audio louder so people with crappy speakers can still hear whats going on, but you do get a mic pop here and there now, I couldn't avoid it. If people complain about it too much I'll just put the old version back up. Thanks for all the reviews, and ideas.

Score bomb, it's rockin' the front page. Also, I know I got some hard core Metal Gear Gamers who are a little concerned about my continuity. I realize that Ocelot's hand was cut off in metal gear solid, and that he didn't have Liquid's until Son's of liberty. Mine is more of a made up crossing of paths between game 2 and 4. The idea being Ocelot get's nastalgic (or however you spell that) for the old electric torture. In Essence, I just did my own thing. Glad you guys are liking it.



did you do those voices i know you did ocelot but did you do liquid? cause if so you are freaking amazing! MORE! MORE! MORE! MORE! MORE! MORE! MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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punbeard81 responds:

Yeah I also did Liquids. It's a hard one to do because you really can't half ass his energy. Otherwise you just don't capture his energy/pompus/annoyance.


you get a ten just for the opening sentence from ocelot...

the rest was funny too..nice and original..reminded me of idol hands

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Great movie. It's been a while since I've seen something this original before. Keep up the good work!

That was funny

Getting owned by your own hand: poor Ocelot. I was afraid this was going to be just a long monologue, but no, you made it into something better.
P.S: It's spelled nostalgic ;-)

punbeard81 responds:

Thanks for the spelling lesson and stopping by. Sometimes I'm just too lazy to open word and check things. It's rare someone notices bad spelling on New grounds.

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Jun 4, 2008
8:06 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody