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Star Rebellion

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Defense game with strategy elements. Build and upgrade turrets, power stations, refineries, use air raids to defend command center from attacking enemy forces.

Credits: Game designed by Anton from Mentart.com sponsored by DragonGamez.com

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Defense games never die out!

Of all the defense games I have played, this still managed to have a very original feeling to it. It pretty much ignores the basic rules about going a certain way and just makes itself up. It helps that the powerups and different weapons are so unique. I love the graphics as well, and how cool it is in CGI and everything. It's one of those great things that's overlooked, but at least it got something at Daily 5th Place. It is especially fun how you can simply spread out and attack from as many angles as possible.

Its okay.

Inspired in starcraft in many way i think. even the sounds

okay ish..

its okay but boring the first one was better does any1 know the link to the first one????


This is clearly an attempt at making "machines at war" by isotope 244
There was a few things wrong with this game

1 The maps should be bigger, you should be able to scroll around the map

2 You should not win the level by stopping the enemies waves but instead by destroy an enemy base by sending out vehicles.

3 There should be more time to prepare at the beginning of the level and there should be more time between levels

4 I don't like how you integrated Star Wars into it, you cant do that unless you give it a plot line, and they were on planets for the game not out in space.

Im not going to criticize your graphics because that is not something you can change or your decision to promote your site.
But this game is overrated because in my opinion it is a copy off of machines at war. Having energy limits and scavengers to get resources, a headquarters, turrets, upgrades different maps. It must be what you were trying to achieve, if not go download machines at war and you will see exactly what I am talking about.

Nothing new...

Honestly, it's a solid game. With that said, however, there is definitely room for improvement, all around. Visually, the game is base at best, but even the poorest looking game can be fun. Gameplay-wise, solid and feels like a run of the mill defense game. There are concerns with the names, factions, enemies, etc. being stripped and used from the Star Wars universe, but that hasn't influenced my score.

All in all, a run of the mill defense game, bringing little, if any, new concepts or ideas to the genre.