Why So Random 11

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This is the 11th of the series, and also my favorite one. Done entirely in RETARDVISION!


Dun Dun Chh

Dun Dun Chh Dun Dun Chh Dun Dun Chh
Thats the best clip in the whole WSR series. LOL (Literally, people often overuse lol but at that time I actually laughed in real life.)


Graphics / Animation - Not bad animations, but the drawings could of been much better. If the drawing was done better this would of probably received at least a 7 from me. For the most part the animation ran smooth. Animation was also pretty simple, but I think that is what you were shooting for here.

Story - Well you wanted a random movie and that was exactly what you made. Pretty random even though I can say the explosion wasn't very random on the countdown. That was actually pretty predictable.

Sound - This was probably the best part of your flash. The sound ran together really good and was also pretty random, exactly what you wanted. There was only one part of the sound that I didn't like and again that was during the explosion.

Overall decent job. Pretty random and it would of received a better rating from me if the drawings were done a bit better.

- GS -

eaglewing responds:

Thanks for the advice.


Some of it made me laugh

eaglewing responds:

You do know this is out of 10, right?


Your setting a bad excaple for the kids.
"Don't do drugs?!?!?!?"
Whats the matter with you.

eaglewing responds:

Giving me a 3 for that is a little...abusive, don't you think?

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2.79 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2008
4:53 PM EDT
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