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Extreme bubble Z

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Extreme bubble Z is my third game i made, hope you guys like it, and give me some review so that i can improve in next version...
and my best score is 460 :D
good luck


pretty boring...

it was just... weird. not fun at all. I could say your a good programer, but its mostly clicking moving buttons.


I like graphic you done. Music fits good in it. Keep up the good work.

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well if

i want to do this i`ll do it outside


I only played it for 15 seconds and i had problems with it. Just so you can fix it. I'm not trying to be mean.

1) White Background and Light Colored Bubble DO NOT MIX-
They just don't work. It's hard to see and if your like me and have sunlight glaring onto your monitor, then it really sucks trying to play this (like i just tried). Why not tried the same color bubbles but on a black background and have the background slowely change to white, this way it also increases the difficulty but maybe we'll adjust to it depending on how slow it moves.

2) Music is relaxing at first but then gets annoying-
While playing, I just got annoyed by the music. I didn't see a mute button or anything but one would be appriciated so maybe we can use our own music.

3) Highscore board would rock!-
I do not know how far along in coding you are or how long you've been working with flash, but maybe you could have a high score board after you've missed 20 bubbles.

Other than those things, It wasn't to bad. Being only your 3rd, I personally won't be a jerk especially since I suck at programing anything lol. Fix those things and hopefully you can get a higher score on your next game submission.

eh its okay

6/10 its challenging but get boring after a bit,btw i beat ya :p got 476 but great idea,maybe give it some powerups or the backgrounds change with each level

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2.77 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2008
10:42 AM EDT
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