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Hey there, this game is the latest I've created, I usually don't upload my games here as to be perfectly honest with you I don't visit the site all that much, but anyway I thought I'd post it, it was released originally not even a week ago.

The high scores only work if you play it on HallPass as it uses their api which matches the scores with the users, it's pretty neat.

Anyway if you'd like to see more or say hi feel free to stop by to my new website (so new that I haven't even created anything on it yet...), http://RyanCurtisCreation s.com or you can email me at RyanCurtisCreations@gmail .com or even GenericQuiz@gmail.com , they all go to the same place.

Have fun!



Atleast some of the questions in the impossible quiz could be answered WITHOUT just guessing, none of the questions made sense, most of the questions were false compliments to this bad tribute. sorry, it fails. 0/10.

Shitty game

What a shitty ass is you as question that of course most people will get wrong on their first time playing unless they made it! Stop trying to be like the impossible quiz because you fail utterly. The impossible quiz is fun and makes you think this is just fucking stupid and annoying. I don't give a shit weather or not people agree with more or not feel free to PM me about it you fags idc.

To maker of this game please try again when you make a game I'm sure if you try hard enough you can make something good.

Wow I suck...

-130, but most things were opinion questions anyway...

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unlike many nonsense quizzes before it, i loved it! since you cant lose you really can appriciate the jokes! happy days!

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Truly Generic

This is just a ripoff of the stupid quiz games. Except not as funny. Maybe make it enjoyable?

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2.42 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2008
9:11 PM EDT
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