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art in the playground

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-Thanks for the reviews
- I ended up getting a B for this. To be honest my preliminary sketchbook was awful though.
school art project 2007-2008, and my last, hope you enjoy it.

topic was 'modern design & animation', decided to do a mock interview style short cartoon about the nature of art (although the interviews are spontaneous and unrehearsed). I thought the best way to get funny/watchable answers at short notice would be to probe into the minds of 11 year old kids.

my target was to create expressive character designs and accompany them with equally emotive body language and movement. my main focus in this was to make something that - aesthetically - looked completely different than anything i had done before, hence my first time using live-action as a primary medium. i rented a HD video camera for that but unfortunately only a standard tape so it came out averagey and i wasted money... oh well.

please enjoy!


Nice I liked!

Great work there hope to see more^^

Simply Astounding, Brilliant, and Cute.

It was well deserving of a front page and should be on it for a long time! It's astounding, if not perfect. Brilliant animation, I don't know what that style of animation is called when the characters outlines are "wiggly", but I'll reffer to it as sketchy. The children responded very amusingly. I loved it. Perfect 10/10!


Realistic expressions, realistic reatcions, beautiful, fluid animation.
What more could you ask for?
Thats right, humor.
And you have that too!

Certainly Creative

This was very interesting to watch, what with the different style and overall interesting way you made this. I liked how you were able to match the voice with the pictures so well, and the body language thing was an excellent touch. It's very rare that we get reminded that there are almost no limits to a flash animations, and this was quite the enjoyable reminder to give us. Very well done, I wish you luck with any other projects you may ever try.

Didn't work

When i pressed the arrow it didn't work so i went to youtube were i saw it and omg it's AWESOME
1. the voice acting = Very well done i mean seriously great
2. AWESOME animation i mean wtf how you did this anyway?

This is definitly a 10/10 ~ 5/5 Anyway you could fix the play button or maybe it's just me ^^

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4.35 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2008
8:52 PM EDT