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Awesome Video Games Ep31

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Author Comments

Extra! Extra!

Ace and Chet try their best to deliver a hot scoop, but there are some tricky obstacles to contend with! Will Chet prevail or will they have to stop the presses?!

TURBO TIP: Click the bush to be taken to a bonus RETRO version of this episode. For those who liked the old-style Awesome Video Games!


"Awesome Video Games" is a throwback to late 80's/early 90's videogame television. The days where videogame tips were hardly anything but speculation and instructions from the booklet.



Obviously not the best flash but still, I found it not bad ;)
Wel I didnt find funny at all, not interesting, and no content that can be appreciated.
BUT, it was a good piece of vid to waste my time.

You know what. What you need to do is try to create something with actual storyline and solid content, with some random messages maybe you want to express to the whole vaste world we all exist in harmony.
And then you "might" come up with an awesome stuff.

Overall, I just liked this weird style we dont see much newgrounds.
Just that next time, put up something that is actually worth watching =)

FarFromSubtle responds:

Thanks for watching Zellua!


1. Stop shaking the camera left and right after every freakin sentence.
2. Stop jerking your heads left and right after every sentence. It makes you look even more ridiculous, and that's hard to do concidering what your videos are.
3. A better script, just because you say "Whoa dude" and "Totally radical" doesn't mean that this is in any way retro, or funny.
4. Cut the idiot man child act, you don't look like kids, you don't talk like kids, and it just looks bad.

Seriously, either learn to actually animate the whole thing, or get it off the site. How this stuff actually makes it to front page without even being "Number _ of the Day" is beyond me.

FarFromSubtle responds:

YEEEAAAHHH! Thanks for watching dude! You're right, Front page IS Awesome! Camera moves are INTENSE!

We love NewGrounds! Everything by EVERYONE!

Keep shooting for the stars, and be sure to check out our other AWESOME episodes!


I feel like its a spin off of the Angry Video Game Nerd but just done in all the wrongs ways. The camera is just plain annoying and shaky. I don't get a retro feel at all. Yes you are throwing it back but your throwing it way over the top to where I have to pain myself by sitting through the rest of it. I've watched another to make sure it just wasn't this episode but I couldn't have been more wrong. And to notice that there are 30 some odd episodes is just disheartening. Some constructive criticism would have to be; start a new series with brand new and original ideas.

FarFromSubtle responds:

James Rolfe is AWESOME! He's also a fan of AVG! Be sure to check out his YouTube page for a RADICAL surprise!


nice touch with the whole paper route fiasco, wonder whats next lol

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FarFromSubtle responds:

We've got one gnarly episode coming next Monday, bro! The word "fiasco" doesn't even begin to describe it!


ive seen a couple of episodes of "awesome video games" but i never liked any of them and ill tell you reasons why

- corny script.
- not funny.
if they got props, a room and the time to edit all of this, maybe something more well thought out instead of a weekly or monthly or iono if this is even a periodical "why does this exist" show. i love post-retro games but thats not why im bagging on these guys. i just think they're desperate for material. ill give them 4 stars for effort

FarFromSubtle responds:

Thanks for watching and reviewing! Stay Awesome!

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Credits & Info

3.49 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2008
6:26 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody