The Ball Puzzle( II )

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Easy ball puzzle game



This is a very nice game, ball movement is perfect, graphics could be better other than that and a bit more to the game would be nice, never finished it. got a bit frustrated(not that easy a game) anyway keep up the good work 8/10, 4/5


I had to knock of a point for the bitmap. It wasn't centered properly and you could see the white stage of the flash. Looked like you didn't put enough effort into it. But overall it was really cool, and I enjoyed playing it. Oh... And it's not easy >:(


Man My wrist was waisted after playing that. Cool concept. Maybe make it a race against time as well, with some sort of scoreboard, at the moment it seems a little lacking.
Insane though.

No ending?

The game ends with you standing on one square, unable to do anything? No "you win" message, or credits, or replay, or stats, ....?

Anyway, this is a pretty good little game - you've made the movement very will with acceleration, friction, as well as special squares such as slopes and ice (that's the best way to describe them, I think).
My only real complain is: make it longer!


did you call this easy???!!

Nice game, I have seen something like it before somewhere, so not so much on originality, but it is a good game nonetheless. 8/10.

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2.29 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2008
2:53 PM EDT
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