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Use your skill to avoid land mines, dodge falling blocks, and reclaim the greatest treasure of all time!
A collaboration between McKenzie Kerman, Sean Lavery and Steve Gelardi.

Controls: WASD or Arrow Keys,
Spacebar to skip cut scenes

Reviews always appreciated,



I love your concept, it feels a bit like Indiana Jones except for the muffins! :)
The game was hard at first, but when you get a hang of it, even in Insane Difficulty it becomes real easy. :)


Epic game.
But yeah, could use some more length.
The story line was amazing!!!
What do you guys mean it made no sense?
it was PERFECT!!! I understood the storyline and symbolism without a problem,
And about Mr. OhNoesIhateThisGame,
On insanity mode, it was INSANE not uberslow motion as you claim.
You must lag worse than a monkey with a nice big doobie.
I was in Audio Portal and downloaded the music to it. Great Job!

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It was ok

The game was ok i just wish there was more to it is all other than that it was ok


I found it quite fun, just a little too short

For people who are saying stuff about it 'not making sense' You're obviously new to newgrounds and need to Lurk Moar, as it were.
Since most of newgrounds, as pointed out, barely makes sense.

Just because it has a helmet and looks like a soldier doesn't mean it has to be an army/war game, so don't criticise and say "dont play this game" because people have a different opinion to you.

But as I said, I quite enjoyed it, although Insanity could include new objects to avoid, which would make it more troublesome :)

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Crazey Sexy

Are these people serious? Since when has anything on this site made sense. My only problem was repitition, not enough to ruin the game though. Kudoos

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4.01 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2008
2:52 PM EDT
Skill - Collect