WeRBopBop #15

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edit: THANK YOU NG for the daily feature....my brother and I couldn't be more excited!!!

MADNESS BOPBOP. The ultimate fight scene between Ninja and Pirate. Who do you think will win?

Request: I want ninja and pirate to get into a fight

Requested by: Leviathan

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Thanks for watching, Newgrounds!



Contrary to popular opinion, I think Pinjas was hilarious.



Good stuff. The fight scenes with the Madness characters was a great, as well as the kick in the balls to King Leonidas. (If I have to hear "This is Sparta!" one more time, or see another video with the audio from the trailer over the clips of something else, I may just find a cow and turn it inside out.) Awesome audio from Mortal combat and random ending.

Pretty good...

A great idea. Taking requests like that and transforming it into a bubbly cartoon with violence. I just really hated the madness theme. It just didn't go with Ninja and Pirate. The madness enemies are really standing out. I liked the 300 thing though, it fit well with the animation and was humorous. Also, never say Pinja.

Very nice idea.

Nice idea, the random "300" reference was strange but somehow worked.
The animation was well done, very slick and the graphics were nice and tidy, fitting well together.
The sounds fitted very well, the various gun sounds weren't stupid.
Decent amount of gore, but not too much. Drowning games in gore is something too many people do.
"Pinjas" is just utter failure. "Pirate-Ninjas" works A LOT BETTER. Plus, ninja would disguise themselves as pirates and infiltrate their ship before slowly killing the crew in secret, one by one.
The Madness theme: Please, PLEASE kill the Madness theme. I hate madness, everyone uses it as a simple-but-popular way of getting their ratings up. Let's face it, madness drawings are unbelievably easy to do.
Favourite Bit:
Pirate: I'm gonna shoot you!
Ninja: *Disarms*
Pirate: Ok then, I'll shoot ya with this!
Ninja: *Disarms*
Pirate: Erm... Ok, this then!
Ninja: *Disarms*
Pirate: Ah crap...
Worst Bit: Erm... Not much you can pick out, but probably the stupidity of the word "Pinjas".
Overall: 7/10, very good, but could be improved a lot.

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pirate ninjas sounds better

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Jun 2, 2008
1:04 PM EDT
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