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When Fanboys Collide Two!

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Hey everyone! Well, I was thinking... Where the hell have my crazy drawings gotten to?! So i figured I'd bring back that crazy theme in this cartoon.

You remember "When FANBOYS Collide" right? Well this is a slightly longer episode, and is the sequal! I shall hopfefully make this a big series for the future, but for now, here's a sequal, and we'll see how it goes :P

Hope you like :D

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

Warning: jokes in this cartoon aren't to be taken seriously. I have too many fanboys been offended by this sort of stuff.... but who cares huh? I don't!

Warning 2: Don't be abusing me because of what cartoon I did. this cartoon was made because I had another similar situation with my friends, who were arguing over some stupid game, and have asked me to end their rowing by making a new When FANBOYS Collide episode!

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now we must talk about fangirls!

The way you mix words with images, and images for words, and stuff like that, it's pretty entertaining! Great character expressions too, and voicing. All it's missing is background. Keep it up!


I actually find that funny

yes,i'm a Nintendo Fanboy,happy?
still,that doesn't mean that I am stupid enough to spam everywhere
and i'm maybe defensive but when I just heard something like ''Wii sucks'' i'm like,shut up,say something that actually prove it!
nobody have better exclusivities than Nintendo,even through other exclusivities
personnally I hate Sony bcause of many reason,not just because I love Nintendo,that would be stupid

P.S. Metal Gear can't really be considered as Sony exclusive theres Metal gear and Snake Revenge on NES,another Metal Gear on Gameboy,another on Gamecube (The Twin Snake) and the remake of Snake Eater on the 3DS! + Snake participation in Super Smash Bros Brawl!

P.S.S. Did you know that the original Super Mario Bros 2 on NES is Japan exclusive?
the american one is a remix of Doki Doki Panic that were another NES game (OK this was maybe Nerdy...)


yes you are write about that



te wii dosnt suck its awsome sure less grapics and lusy games but it was the first motion game counsel now look everbody is making motion stuff. driving,fighting, and shooters are awsome to play and a great way to have some real effect of the game. not analoge sticks required so shut up PS3/360 fanboys ok