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Landfill Bill

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Recycle Michael has gone on holiday and Landfill Bill has been given the task of cleaning up. He must throw the recycle-able items in to the correct bins before the land gets covered in rubbish. The longer you play the quicker the items will come. The more items you put in the bin without dropping, the higher your multiplier will be, and the quicker your score will go up. Keep an eye out for the swinging bins and the rubber ducks for extra points! The game is to promote environmental issues.

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gotta be quick

I enjoyed this game. You have to be quick on the draw. Sometimes the different bins get in front of one another and move around which makes it harder to concentrate and remember which recycleable goes where. I liked it a lot. The garbage really start to pile up the slower you go.

Not bad but not too good either

An ok quirky game but its nothing new.

Not sure

Not entirely sure on this one. the graphics were OK, the music was a tad annoying but the general message was there. I mean I recycle anyway but this might help people rethink. Not bad for an advert

Good intention

It's true the graphics arenĀ“t the greatest I've seen, but it's rather obvious that the point of this game is to provide a fun and somewhat entertaining way to learn how to recycle. I really don't understand how some people can't see this...
Anyway, good work, and keep recycling =)


i have never seen so creepy craphics, in a game before.
i mean really this game scaers me.