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This is a revamped version of the first shinobi game Baruto, now with 4 different locations, more shadow demons to kill and Boss monsters in every stage.

You can also buy skills and jutsu and even upgrade your strength and defense in this new version.

Currently in user acceptance test so please tell me what you think.

Theres also a feature in the game where when attacked you turn into a log and teleports... but its by chance and if youll get lucky it'll save you.. I think ill tweak this a bit.

== UPDATES==================
Here are some updates, thanks for the comments.
1. Nerfed the first boss.
2. Life and Chakra powerup will now show a bit more often.
3. Made the shuriken larger, a bit powerful..
4. Lower the prices of some skills.
5. Choose to play Easy and Normal mode
EASY - Double the Life, More chakra at game start, Heal and Resurrection already included. You have to buy a new Resurrection if you die though and 5k initial Skill Points for your spending pleasure.

NORMAL- Normal Life, normal initial chakra, heal and resurrection you gotta buy em first and no bonus skill points.

6. Resurrection now only needs 200 chakra. But you have to buy it after its been used for you to be revived again. now only cost 2000 skill points.. not to expensive just dont die..

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Awesome game!

Great! But the 2nd boss is WAY too hard. Also, the graphics are really cool but make it a little hard too see everything clearly, so if you are gonna make a sequal (i sure hope so!) then perhaps you could think about it. Just a suggestion anyways :p
keep it up!

Great game

Great game. Never thought someone could do that much with black, grey, and red. The skills and powerups were great.
The only thing I can think of to make it better would be to have actual levels to progress through instead of staying in one spot. I realize, though, that this would require a lot more artwork.

this game is awesome!

this game could get beter by putting more jutsus more levels and custumization.also more bosses and better graphics. whens the next part going to come?


I love this type of ninja games!
With a little more of artwork (e.g.: more colors ;) ) and the option of saving, this game would be perfect!!

great game

the game is awsome, the jutsu looks cool and the skills are great but it would be nice to has some progress in the game and not just staying in the same place while the monsters are getting stronger.
and a little more heal bonuses would be nice , i died pretty fast
and maybe some lives and not just 1..

annlucaswinters responds:

Im doing some fix right now, this include
Resurrection skill which you can buy for 2000 skill points.
Nerfed the first boss.
Ground Breaker, Shockwave and Plasma Bomb cost a little less.
Kawarimi(replacement) has greater chance of occuring.
The shurikens got a bit stronger and bigger :)
and yep, the occurance of bonuses got up. I'll upload the updates everything is done.