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If someone would like to help me with scripting a randomize button, a reset button, and some other stuff for V2, Please Email me at: crackdown.crackhead@hotma il.com

I've worked so long on this, and it's finally here! Create A Gun V1 is out, so go make an awesome gun with tons of pices to choose from! from barrels to stocks, to ammo types, it's a whole lot of fun!


Kept me entertained for a good long while

Maybe, you could make a version in which you click the parts instead of dragging them around, then maybe you could have more interaction, testing the gun in a firing range and such.

I really liked it, wild idea.

i really enjoyed playing this. It was fun. It is a very overdone game genre, though.
Something awsome would be getting to play with your gun a little. Target practice, a duck hunt style game.
You know? Just too break away from the regular drag and drop creator genre.

Good idea.

This was pretty smart. In V2 you should add things like a lock mechanism so we don't always have to do it our selves.

desertthunder responds:

You Mean snapping? It's gunna be in V2!


A very good idea, although more parts and accercories would've been nice ^^

Plus, maybe in the future, add an example so for those that don't remember or have any Idea where parts go and all, so they have a slight better understanding

Very nice though

well done

this is a nifty little game i like it, im curious as to what clicking on the ammo dose, never the less it kept me busy for a whole hour, you were talking about a second one.

Maby the second one can include some:
futeristic weapon parts
more ammo types
veriuos fireing flashes

again well done i like it


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Jun 1, 2008
4:17 PM EDT
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